This well-nigh indispensable herb can be grown easily from the seed in a box in a cellar or in a garden corner; it can be propagated also by dividing the roots. Its flavor is mild but pleasant and especially suits fish, chicken and potatoes. The roots are better in soup than the leaves. The latter in the curly variety furnishes the most ornamental green garnish for many dishes. Chopped finely and squeezed dry by twisting in a towel it makes a green powder very much prized for dusting over white stews, etc., while the green juice expressed is useful for coloring sauces, making green butter and adding to the color of green pea soups. Parsley sweetens the breath and takes away the odor of onions, eaten in potato salad, in which it is one of the principal ingredients.

Fried Parsley

Is useful to garnisr. dishes of fowl, etc. Wash and thoroughly dry the parsley in a cloth, and fry it in boiling fat for .. couple of minutes, or till it is crisp. Take it oot. with a slice; and dry before the fire.