Most of the established standard sauces recognized by modern cooks will be found described more particularly under their respective proper letters.

Said About Sauces

" For grilled dishes the following appetiser nuiy be recommended: One teasponful of cream, one of vinegar, one of ketchup, a teaspoonful of mustard, one of I larvey's or Reading sauce, a little cayenne and salt; warm in a saucepan, and pour over the grill".

The Proper Sauce For Salmon

" Never take lobster-sauce to salmon; it is mere painting of the lily, or, I should rather say, of the rose. 1 he only true sauce for salmon is vinegar, mustard, cayenne pepper and parsley".

A Fish Sauce

" A sauce often served in 1*"ranee with many kinds of white fish is made by putting chopped capers, a few drops of anchovy essence and lemon-juice, with a little parsley or tarragon, into ordinary melted butter; the combination of flavors is acceptable to most palates." A Paris Specialty - '• Another recipe of la haute cuisine Francaise, which is certainly worth noting, is the one for grilled bream with shallot sauce (Breme grillee, sauce eschalotte): Clean a fresh bream, scale and cut off dorsal and side fins, also end of tail; trim and oil. Grill your fish over a moderate fire, pouring oil over it from time to time. Serve on a hot plate, with the following sauce over it: Melt three and a half ounces of butter in a saucepan, add two spoonfuls of minced shallot; let cook for three minutes; add the yolks of two hard-boiled eggs, minced fine, two spoonfuls of Harvey's sauce, the juice of one lemon, and some minced parsley".

Harvey's Sauce

"A fair imitation of Harvey's ssuce may be produced by working the following recipe Mince a clove of garlic very finely, add 6 chopped anchovies, 1/4 oz. cayenne, 3 tablespoonfuls of Indian soy, 3 tablespoonfuis of mushroom or walnut ketchup. Put these ingredients into a quart of the best vinegar, and let them soak for about a month, shaking frequently. Strain through muslin, and bottle for use".

Stock For White Sauce

"A useful stock for white sance, soups, etc., ean be made by using the liquor in which fowls have been boiled. Tbe bones of the fowls themselves, the necks, feet, etc., should all be saved, and with these and a slice or two of lean ham, vegetables, herbsf etc., no other meat will be required,.unless the stock is wanted very strong. In this latter case, knuckle of veal is the best thing." "A pinch of sugar is an improvement to all white sauces".

About Caper Sauce

"Although caper sauce is the orthodox accompaniment to boiled mutton, it is eqnally good with roast. Those who doubt should try the experiment".

Oyster Sauce

"Take 1 pint good white sauce. Open and beard 1 dozen oysters; strain the liquor; put them into the sauce, which should be in a bain-marie pan. Warm thoroughly, and let it come just to boiling point; then pour into a hot tureen and serve. The beauty of oyster sauce is that the fish should be like a well-poached egg; just to have the albumen set; no more".

How To Make Oyster Sauce

" What a popular dainty is a tureen of oyster sauce, and how often is it spoiled by the common practice of letting the oysters boil in it! The proper way is to strain the liquor, and boil that with the flour and butter, adding a dash of cayenne, lemon-juice, nutmeg, and anchovy essence, and the oyster the last thing, long enough for them to become hot through, removing the sauce from the fire, so that it shall not boil after they are put in".

Sauce For Roasts

" The following will be found a good sauce for roasts: Simmer a wineglass of red wine, an anchovy, a little stock, a chopped shallot, and the juice of a lemon in a saucepan. Pass through a tammy, and mix with the gravy of your roasts".

Liver Sauce For Small Game

"Scald the livers, and mince them very fine. Melt a little butter in a saucepan, add a little flour to it, and some minced shallot. Fry for a few minutes, add gravy stock in sufficient quantity to make a sauce, a pinch of powdered herbs, pepper, salt, and spice to taste, then the minced liver and a glass of port wine; boil the sauce up and simmer. Add the juice of half a lemon before serving".