Nearly everything in the sweet line is flavored with lemon sometimes, and lemon cream, lemon pudding, lemon cake, etc., have no definite form otherwise.

Lemon Soup

Chicken broth thickened like custard with yolks and cream, and lemon juice added.

Lemon Butter

Yolks, flour, and butter stirred into boiling lemon syrup. Used to fill tarts, spread jelly cakes, etc.

Lemon Honey

Sugar dissolved in lemon juice with the grated rind and butter; boiled, and thickened with yolks; a kind of jam with neither water in it nor flour.

Lemon Pie

(/) Butter, sugar, and eggs creamed together as for cake, grated rind and juice added, and breadcrumbs to make it like cake dough; baked in open pies. (2) Mixture of 1 lb. sugar, 1 1/2 pts. water, 4 lemons,.2 oz. butter, 5 oz. flour, 6 or 8 eggs; baked in open pies, meringued over. Lemon Cream Pie - , Frangipane or pastry cream with grated rind and juice in it; baked as a custard pie; whipped cream spread over it when cold.

Lemon Sponge

Lemon jelly whipped to froth while cooling; served with custard. (See 'Jellies.')

Lemon Trifle

Whipped cream flavored with grated rind and juice, sugar, sherry, and nutmeg; served heaped in small glasses.

Lemon Sauce For Fish And Fowls

Chopped lemon, without seeds, stewed in little water, mixed with white sauce or cream sauce.

Sweet Pickled Lemons

To cat with game. Thin-skinned fruit to be chosen, the rind carved ornamentally with point of a penknife; lemons boiled until tender in sweetened water, then put in jar, strong syrup poured over boiling, reboiled and poured to them 3 times.

Lemon Dumplings

Small round dumplings steamed, or boiled in a cloth; made of 1/2 lb. breadcrumbs, 1/2 lb. chopped suet, 1 lemon rind and juice, 1/4 lb. sugar, spoonful of milk, 2 eggs; boiled 1/2 hour; wine sauce.

Lemon Peel

Can be made into flavoring by paring thin and putting into a bottle of whisky; the liquor becomes extract of lemon.

Keeping Lemons

Lemons may be kept perfectly fresh for six months, or longer, if kept immersed in a vessel in enough buttermilk to cover them. The buttermilk should be changed at least twice a month, and the lemons should be wiped perfectly dry with a cloth when required for use.

Lemon Mincemeat

See Mincemeat.

Lemon Syrup

Surplus lemons are used to make syrup by paring the rind thinly, and squeezing the juice, and boiling in sugar syrup; straining and bottling for use when fresh lemons cannot be obtained.

Lemon Marmalade

The lemons boiled in 3 waters, taken up when tender, sliced, seeds removed; fruit weighed, 2 lbs. sugar and 1 pt. water to each pound of fruit; boiled together 1/2 hour.

Lemon Roly Poly

Sheet of short paste spread with lemon marmalade or lemon butter, rolled up, steamed.

Lemon Sherbet

See Sherbet.