A fish. (See John Dory).

Doucette (Fr)

Corn salad; a kind of cress.


Fried cakes; pieces of sweetened bread dough in ring or twisted shapes allowed to rise, then dropped in hot lard and fried light brown. Baking Powder Doughnuts - 1 qt. flour, 1 small cup sugar, lard size of an egg, 2 tablespoons baking powder, 2 cups water or milk. Rolled out, cut in shapes, fried, sugared over when done.


There are machines made to do the heavy work of mixing dough in large quantities.

Dough Trough

A long wooden box about 18 inches deep and raised 6 inches from the floor, made with flaring sides and a moveable partition. Used by all bread makers and needed in all hotels to mix up bread dough in. The lid should be in two halves, not hinged, but removable that half may be used at once as a table.


Various contrivances, the subject of many patents, for keeping bread-dough at as nearly as possible a temperature of So degrees while rising, that the fermentation may be perfect; especially needed in cold weather. Where houses are steam-heated a closet is made for this purpose. A home-made contrivance is a barrel with a pail of hot water set in it, the pan of dough set in the barrel above it, and a blanket over all.

Dover Biscuits

Made of 6 oz. each sugar and butter, 2 eggs, 12 oz. flour. Like cookies.

Drawn Butter

English name for butter sauce; made by stirring equal measures of butter and flour together over the fire, adding boiling water sufficient, and beating in more butter at last.

Dresden Patties

Croustadcs made like patties, the inside of the rounds of fried bread to be removed and a filling of any kind put in.

Drum Fish

Southern sea fish; like the black grouper, weight from 1 to 8 or 10 pounds; so named because shoals of them butt against vessels, wooden piers, etc., making a drumming noise.

Dry Bread

Pieces thoroughly dried, crushed and sifted form the bread-crumbs used for breading and frying.

Duchess Crusts

Small cubes of bread fried brown, served with soup.

Duchess Loaves

Ancient name of cream puffs.

Duchess Potatoes

Potato mashed with yolk of egg and salt, made into flat ornamental shapes, egged over, baked; to serve with fish and for garnish.


Balls of flour-dough; sometimes having fruit inclosed; boiled or baked.

Egg Dumplings

Soft dough as if for fritters dropped into boiling water or soup; to be eaten with meat or with sweet sauce.

German Dumplings

Dampfnudeln; pieces of light-bread dough dropped into boiling water, or cooked by steaming; eaten with soup, meat stews, or with fruit sauce.

Suet Dumplings

One pound flour, 3/4 lb. suet, salt; mixed into soft dough, tied in a bag, or dropped in water; cooked 2 hours.

Dundee Cake

Good, plain fruit cake; made of 1 lb. each sugar, butter and eggs; 1 1/2 lbs. flour; 1/2 lb. each citron, sultanas and stoned raisins; 1 gill brandy. To be true to the name must be in shallow pans, with caraway comfits and sugar on the surface.