Devonshire Junket

Devonshire, the home of the Devon breed of cattle, is famous for dairy products and for clotted cream. The "junket" is curd and cream: 1 qt. milk, 1 tablespoon sugar, vanilla to flavor, a little rennet or rennet, powder added, poured into a glass dish, where in a warm place in about 20 minutes it becomes sweet curd. Then a thin layer of clotted cream is spread over it. Eaten with strawberry jam.

Devonshire Squab Pie

A pie made of mutton chops and sliced apples in alternate layers, the apples on bottom first with sugar and spice, meat on them with salt and pepper; little water, a top crust of paste, baked 1 1/2 hours. (See sguab).

Devonshire Cake

A yeast-raised cake; made up with cream, currants, citron, sugar, saffron, baked like bread in tins.


A variety of blackberry which grows prostrate upon the ground; ripens early, well flavored, superior pie fruit.


British gum, obtained by boiling starch, which changes with heat into gum. Used for making various kinds of gum drops, fig pastes, "'Turkish delight," etc.

Diablotins Au Gruyere

Paste made like cheese straws with eggs added, formed in little balls, floured, fried.

Diablk Sauce

Devil sauce.

Din Don (Fr)



Hen turkey.


Young turkey.

Dindonneau A La Duchesse

Young turkey roasted, served with a ragout of pieces of tongue, quenelles, green beans and cucumber.

Dindon Truffe

Breast of chicken, goose liver, bacon and truffles are chopped, seasoned with salt, pepper, and a bay leaf, simmered in stock; 2 doz. whole truffles added, stewed half an hour, with constant stirring. Turkey stuffed with it, sewed up, hung 4 days, covered with slices of ba-conand buttered paper and roasted. Truffles in the sauce.

Diplomatfc Pudding

(1)A creme in a decorated casing of jelly, made of a yolk-of-egg custard with sugar, gelatine and cream mixed in, flavored with brandy and vanilla. A plain mould is coated with wine jelly by turning it about in ice, decorated with candied fruit, the custard create poured in; solidified on ice, turned out on a folded . napkin. (2)-A creme without jelly casing made of a yolk-of-egg custard with gelatine, sugar and cream; a mould in ice decorated with fruit dipped in jelly; a layer of creme poured in; on top of that a layer of sliced sponge cake dipped in maraschino, then candied fruits, then cream etc. Set solid on ice.

Diplomate Sauce

(1)Another name for cardinal sauce, made of Bechamel sauce with lobster coral or lobster butter reddened, anchovy essence, cayenne bits of butter, all well whisked, served with fish, hot. (2)-It is Bechamel sauce flavored with crayfish and crayfish butter.

Dip Sauce

Sweet diplomate; a pink sugar -and-starch sauce, thick, clear; any flavor.

Dog Fish

"Dog-fish is not bad, salted. It is sometimes called-'Folkestonte beef," and is much eaten in Lancashire".

Dombey Pudding

Delicate sort of plum pudding, steamed or baked; made of 1/2 pt. cream, 4 oz. sugar, rind of 1 lemon, made hot in saucepan and 6 tablespoons bread-crumbs, 1 spoon flour, 3 of suet, 1 marrow. Boiled and stirred to paste, then mixed with 2 oz. each of currants, candied orange peel, sultarfa raisins, 4 eg'gs, little nutmeg, 1 glass each wine and rum; served with orange sauce containing rum.