Creams. Bavarian creams. A class of gelatinized cream compounds; a more elaborate sort of blanc-mange, whipped while setting on ice to make it spongy and delicate.

Creme A La Bavaroise

Whipped cream with gelatine dis. solved in syrup mixed in; about 1/2 oz. gelatine to qt.

Bavaroise Au Gingembre

Ginger cream. Preserved ginger pounded, mixed with syrup and gelatine, mixed with whipped cream; set in moulds on ice; served with cake.

Creme Bavaroise A La Praslin

Almond nougat-candy pounded and dissolved with boiling milk, gelatine and whipped cream added; moulded on ice.

Creme Au Chocolat

Chocolate cream; some chocolate dissolved in hot milk, mixed with whipped cream, sugar and vanilla.

Petits Pots De Creme

These creams of any kind set in individual cups instead of a large mould.

Creme Au Cafe

Bavarois flavored with coffee.

Creme De The

Bavarois flavored with tea.

Creme A La Hollandaisk

Bavarois made yellow with yolks, wine added, or, a yellow custard with gelatine and whipped cream flavored with wine.

Creme Aux Abricots

Apricot pulp, sugar and gelatine added to whipped cream.

Creme A La Vanille

Bavarian flavored with vanilla.

Creme De Oranges

Bavarois made with orange syrup, gelatine and whipped cream.

Creme De Fraises

Strawberry Bavarian.

Creme Deponche

Bavarois (or Bavarian cream) flavored with punch.

Creme De Framboises

Raspberry Bavarian; raspberry pulp and syrup with gelatine in whipped cream.

Creme Aux Mille Fruits

Bavarian cream, with a mixture of various candied fruits.

Creme A La Celestine

A mould lined with strawberries and filled with Bavarian of any color or flavor.

Creme Brulee

Bavarois made of yellow custard flavored with caramel, sugar and cinnamon.

Creme A L'Arlequin

Bavarois with cubes of different colors of clear wine jelly stirred into when on the point of setting.

Creme A L'Italienne

Bavarois with a mixture of sultana raisins, candied peel, dried cherries; cinnamon and curacao for flavoring.

Creme Bavarois Aux Fruits

Bavarian cream served with a compote of fruit.

Curacao Cream

Yolk of egg custard, well flavored with curacao, dissolved gelatine mixed in and whipped cream added; set on ice.

Strawberry Cream

Berries with sugar passed through a seive; gelatine dissolved in syrup, all mixed with whipped cream; set on ice. An ounce of gelatine to a quart is not too much when fruit is added; for whipped cream alone 1/2 oz. to a quart, before whipped, is enough, as too much makes the cream tough.

Decorated Cream

Yellow custard with gelatine and whipped cream flavored with vanilla. Some of the gelatine custard colored pink on a plate on ice; leaf shapes stamped out of it when set, and the mould decorated with a pattern in pink leaves; filled up, set on ice.

Pistache Cream

Made of 1 oz. gelatine, 4 oz. sugar, 1/4 pt. water, hot, to dissolve the gelatine, 1 gill sherry', 1 gill kirsch added; 4 oz. pistachio nuts blanched and chopped fine, green coloring, 1 pt. thick cream, whipped, all mixed, stirred on ice till thick enough to hold up the nuts, then put in mould. It is a light green cream; can be put into a mould imitating a bunch of asparagus.

Creme Fouettee

Whipped cream.

Creme Fouettee Aux Fraises

Whipped cream with strawberries.