One of the choicest fruits, most perishable, and of a very transient season. Most valued as raw fruit for breakfast.

Raspberries And Cream

Berries served in glass dishes or saucers, cream aside in small pitcher.

Raspberries With Ice Cream

A spoonful on top of the cream in the plate.

Raspberry Ice Cream

Raspberries mixed in ice cream at the finish of freezing, that they may not entirely lose their shape.

Raspberry Sherbet

Berries rubbed through a strainer mixed with syrup and frozen white of eggs added at last.

Raspberry Shortcake

Cakes of short-paste or puff-paste about 3/4 inch thick, baked on plates split open, spread with ripe berries and sugar between and on top. Served with cream.

Raspberry Meringue

Sheet of cake in a pan, berries an inch deep spread over it, sugar, soft meringue an inch deep on top, lightly baked, cut in squares.

Raspberry Charlotte

Bread crumbs and berries with sugar in alternate layers in a buttered pan, butter on top, baked. Eaten with cream.

Raspberry Puddings And Pies

See Apples, Blackberries, Cherries.

Raspberry Trifle

Sponge cake in a shallow glass bowl, saturated with sweetened raspberry juice, then covered with whipped cream and bordered all around with bunches of raspberries.

Raspberry Syrup

Strained raspberry-juice boiled with an equal measure of sugar, kept in bottles, used for all sorts of raspberry preparations; in drinks, in ice cream, sherbet, sauces, etc.

Raspberry Vinegar

Is a good sauce for all sorts of flour and egg-puddings, and pancakes. Made by putting a quart of raspberries and a quart of vinegar together in a jar to remain 8 days, the liquor then strained off and 1 lb. of sugar to each pint allowed, boiled up, bottled.

Tarte De Framboises

Raspberry open pie.

Pain De Framboises

A mould of raspberry jam mixed with gelatine, with cream in the center.

Creme De Framboises

Raspberry cream. (See Bavarois).

Gelee De Framboises

Raspberry jelly.

Glace Creme De Framboises

Raspberry ice cream.

Raspberry Omelet

A sweet omelet having thick stewed raspberries in the center rolled up in it. Sugar on top.