It is useless if skinned as many country butchers send it in after, perhaps, repeated requests. The head can be cleaned by scalding, same as a pig, and scraping. A little lye, ashes or soda in the water assists the operation. The head after being- scraped is singed, then beginning at the throat the skin and meat is all taken off the bones by close cutting under with the point of a knife, and next the tongue taken out, the head split and brains taken out.

Calk's Head Boiled

Cooked in seasoned stock about an hour or more, taken up, pressed between dishes; when cold cut to shapes and served in various ways.

Calf's Head A La Poulette

Cream-colored sauce with mushrooms, calf's head sliced in it, garnished.

Calf's Head A La Meneholld

Slices dipped in thick sauce (Duxelles), then in cracker dust, then in egg and dust again, and baked or fried.

Tete De Veau En Moule

Calf's head minced, layers in a mould with minced ham between, thick gravy to moisten, baked, turned out whole; the mould is lined with bread crumbs and butter.

Tete De Veau A La Financiers

Square pieces or slices with financiere garnish of mushrooms, wine, etc. Calf's Head a l'Itali-li.


Boiled, sliced, with Italian sauce poured over.

Calf's Head A LV Destiliere

Pieces in center of dish, brain sliced on top, tongue cut in dice, sliced gherkins, button mushrooms in espa-gnole and wine sauce poured over.

Calf's Head With Eggs

Slices in mushroom sauce garnished with an egg. round-fried like a fritter, in plenty of oil or lard.

Calf's Head A La Tortue

The cold pressed head cut in squares, made hot in rich gravy with little tomato sauce, wine, mushrooms, forcemeat balls, hard egg yolks, olives, etc.

Calf's Head Soup

A light-colored soup having chopped green vegetables, seasoned with herbs, half-fried onions, anchovy essence, the calf's head cut in dice in it.

Mock Turtle Soup, Clear

Brown consomme, with cubes of pressed calf's head, egg balls and parsley.

Mock Turtle Liee, Or Thick

Brown, made with calf's head and finished same as turtle soup.

Turban De Tete De Veau

Pieces of cooked and pressed calf's head, made hot in any sauce or ragout, dished up in crown shape, perhaps on a foundation of bread or rice (see illustration on page 117), and the sauce poured over; the name is according to the sauce.

Califs Head Cheese

Similar to pig's head cheese or brawn.