Extract Of Beef

A very useful preparation for enriching consommes and gravies, and making soup without much previous preparation of stock The Australian and Brazilian extracts are the likeliest to be genuine, if in original packages, for the reason that animals are killed there in some places for their hides only, there being no market for the meat other than the demand from the extract of meat manufacturers. It is put up in bladders, almost dried to solidity. That manufactured in the states can be bought reasonably in cans, but in the small pots is too expensive for most hotels and restaurants.

Faisan (Fr)


Fairy Butter

Yolk of hard-boiled eggs pounded with butter, powdered sugar and flavorings.

Fairy Gingerbread

Cakes crisp and buttery, as thin as cards; made of 1 cup butter, 2 cups sugar, 1 cup milk, 4 cups flour, 1 tablespoon ginger; spread extremely thin on pans buttered, but cold; baked in slack oven; cut in squares while warm.

Falernian Wine

Classical allusion often met with, having reference to famous wines of old Rome.


The common English name of the whole assortment is cheese-cake. They are patty-pan tartlets, filled with various custard mixtures, such as lemon or chocolate-pie stuff, or lemon honey, with frosting on top; should be ornamented with piping besides.

Farce (Fr)

Forcemeat; stuffing.

Faroe (Fr)



A young deer; is roasted, served with currant jelly.

Fausse Tortue (Fr)

Mock or false turtle.

Fecula (Fr)

Potato flour, or starch.

Fecula De Mais



A garden plant much cultivated in England, which also grows wild in Florida; esteemed as a flavoring accompaniment to boiled mackerel and salmon. It is as much a matter, of course, to boil fennel with mackerel as to serve mint with lamb and peas. The green leaves tied in bunches are used; they are of the feathery sort, somewhat resembling asparagus leaves.

Fennel Sauce

Made same as parsley sauce; a spoonful of chopped fennel stirred into hot butter-sauce.

Fermiere (A La)

Farmers's style.


Fat hen; lamb's quarter and other names; a tall, silvery green weed, grows on rich spots of land about farm houses; excellent boiled as spinach.

Feves De Marais

Marsh beans; French name of the broad beans much used in England.


One of the varieties of Italian paste, thicker than vermicelli, thinner than spaghetti; is put up in even lenghts in pound boxes; used for soups and same as spaghetti.

Fidelini A La Royale

Soup; made of 1/2 lb. fidelini, boiled in salted water, drained out, put into 5 pts. chicken broth, 6 yolks, cup of cream, seasonings, stirred up to thicken without boiling. Grated parmesan cheese served with it separately.


Small bird tha\ divides honors with the ortolan among European bon-vivants.

Financiere Garnish

Consists of brown sauce with sherry, lemon, cock's combs, livers, quenelles, pieces of sweetbreads, etc. Used to garnish a dish either by filling in the center or around the cutlets, sweetbreads, birds or fillet, it gives the designation a la Financiere.