A barrel of good flour should make from 270 to 285 five-cent loaves. Many bakers blend four barrels, as two Minnesota springs and two Indiana winters, before they get the right alloy.


A northern sea-fish, found in Canadian markets; a flounder.

Fond (Fr)

Bottom; foot.

Fonds D'Artichauts

Artichoke bottoms.

Fond Du Lac

Foot of the lake.

Fondu (Fr)


Buerre Fondu

Melted butter.

Fondue (Fr)

A dish of cheese and eggs scrambled together with butter in a frying pan.


Cream fondant; soft, white candy made by boiling sugar to the ball; then working it back and forth on a marble slab with a paddle until perfectly white. Used for making all the bon-bons, such as chocolate creams, walnut creams, date-creams, etc., and, softened by heat, it is used to ice cakes, being the best icing for that purpose.


The various compounds used to stuff fowls, fish, pigs, tomatoes, eggplants, lettuce, etc. Some forcemeats are composed principally of chopped veal and bacon with herbs and seasonings, some of finely pounded chicken breasts bread-crumbs, butter, yolks, etc. Fish forcemeat is pounded fish, eggs, butter, and flavorings. Forcemeat for egg plants, cucumbers and tomatoes consist of the removed interiors mixed with minced onions, bread-crumbs, suet or butter.

Fouettee (Fr)

Whipped, whisked.

Creme Folettee

Whipped cream. Sauce Fouettee Pudding sauce of wine, sugar and eggs whipped to froth.

Gelee Folettee

Russian jelly, or wine jelly, whipped while cooling till while and spongy.

Frais (Fr)


Beurre Frais

Fresh butter.

Fraises (Fr)


Framboises (Fr)


Francaise (A La)

In French style.


Pastry cream or custard, such as is used to fill cream puffs and eclairs; made of 1 qt. milk, 6 oz. sugar, 4 oz. flour, 2 oz. butter, 6 yolks, boiled, flavored. Can be much varied, mixed with whipped cream, with browned butter, with orange or lemon pulp or syrup for cream pies, tarts, fanchonettes, cheese-cakes, with chocolate, with coffee, cocoanut, almond paste, etc. When made stiff enough and the whites whipped firm and stirred in, it is baked as souffles of all flavors, and either in one large mould or in small souffle' cases; it puffs up in the oven, and the souffles must be served as soon as done.

Frangipani Pudding

A well-made bread pudding is now called a Frangipani pudding, after a powerful Roman family, so called from their benevolent distribution of bread during a famine.

Frappe (Fr)

Semi-frozen. (See carafes frappees, champagnefrappee.)

French Beans

English name for string or snap beans.

French Dressing

Indefinite; any salad dressing; yolk of egg, oil, mustard, cayenne, sait; mixed by stirring in a soup plate or bowl.

French Sauce For Oysters

A cruet sauce made of 2 minced shallots steeped in 4 tablespoons lime juice, salt and crushed pepper corns, for 6 hours; lime juice strained off and little tarragon vinegar added.