A puff; something light. There are souffles of almost anything eatable. Whatever rises to an unusual degree is a souffle; the usual means is to mix whipped white of eggs into a pasty preparation, whether of meats or sweets, just before putting it into the oven or steamer. (See Monte Sano Pudding).

Soups Of Barley

Scotch Broth

See Scottish Cookery.

Cream Of Barley A La Jardiniere

Cream-puree of barley tinted with spinach green, with vegetables [cut size of macaroni with a column cutter; peas, cauliflower, etc.

Cream Of Sou Barley A La Joinville

Crcam-purse tinted pink with crayfish-butter or lobster-coral, with pieces of sweetbreads and crayfish-tails.

Cream Of Barley A La Viennoise

White cream of barley with fried croutons.

Potage A La Creme D'Orge

Cream of barley.

Soups Of Cabbage

Cabbage Soup A La Chambery

Savoy cabbage sliced and half-fried; boiled in salt-pork stock; fried forcemeat-balls of beef served in it.

Puree Of Cabbage A La Piemontaise

Cabbage passed through a serve, with broth thickened, cream, croutons.

Cabbage Soup A La Languedocienne

Raviolis made of fried cabbage and onion, in potato soup with cheese, yolks, etc.

Cabbage Soup A La Rentiere

Stock with salt pork, cabbage, sausages, vegetables, sippets of bread; all served in the soup.

Cabbage Soup A La Rouennaise

Sliced cabbage half-fried, stewed in stock, with sippets of bread.

Cabbage Soup With Pork

Assorted vegetables, potatoes, cabbage, pork; all stewed together in stock.

Cabbage Soup With Rice

Sliced and fried cabbage and onion in salt-pork stock with rice.

Green Cabbage And Potato Soup

Stewed summer-cabbage and potatoes together in stock.

Soups, Giblet

They are either clear or thick. The fleshy part of the gizzards of fowls cut from the gristle; the giblets are fried first, then stewed, and soups varied like beef and ox-tail soups.

Potage Aux Abatis D'Oie

Giblet soup, goose.

Soups Of Onions

Onion Soup A La Ples-Sy

Onions half fried, in slightly thickened chicken stock, with sippets of bread.

Onion Soup With Cheese

Onion soup thick poured on bread spread with cheese.

Onion Soup With Eggs

Onion soup yellow with yolks and milk.

Soup Of Small Onions A La Chevreuse

Very small onions and peas in chicken broth.

Puree Of Onions A La Bretonne

Brown soup with purge of onions and fried crusts.

Puree Of Onions A La Dieppoise

A fish and onion soup, white, with fish quenelles.

Puree Of Onions A La Nantaise

Brown veal stock with purge of fried onions; croutons.

Puree Of Onions A La Nassau

White cream of Bermuda onions; butter, sugar, thickened broth, cream, croutons.