Ornamented Cake

See Icing Cakes, Icing Tubes, Gum Paste.

See Icing Cakes, Icing Tubes, Gum Paste.

Oseille (Fr)

Sorrel. A green herb used as greens and in soup.

Puree D'Oseille

Sorrel soup.

Oswego Pudding

Corn-starch pudding meringued and baked. Made of 1 qt. milk, 4 oz. starch, 3 oz. sugar, 2 oz. butter, 6 yolks; cooked up like thick boiled custard; jelly spread over top in baking pan; whipped whites with sugar on top.


The meat of an ox-head. It is cooked in various ways, the same as beef, and in soups.

Oxford Sausages

Specialty; made as follows: Take 1 1/2 lbs. of pig-meat cut without any skin, 1/2 lb. of veal, and 1 1/2 lbs. beef-suet; mince these meats separately, very finely; then mix them with a dessertspoonful of dried, powdered, and sifted sage; pepper and salt to taste; and the well-beaten yolks and whites of 5 eggs. The whole should be well beaten together, as much depends upon the mixing. Made into flattened balls and fried.


Used for cleaning carpets. Can be obtained of the butchers.


Steeped in acidulated water it is afterwards cooked in slices in various ways, or boiled and then stuffed with goose stuffing and baked.


Cooked in many ways the same r.s sweetbreads. They are first steeped and washed, then scalded or parboiled, and the white horny skin peeled off; after boiled for 2 or 3 hours until tender.

Ox Palate Croquettes

Palates cooked tender, cut up extremely small, mixed in thick sauce with the usual croquette seasonings, shaped when cold, breaded and fried.

Ox Palates A La Horly

Cut to shape, run on skewers, breaded, fried; (served with sauce and croutons.

Palais De Boeuf A La Robert

Palates cut in pieces served with Robert sauce.

Palais De Boeuf A La Ravigote

Ox-palates cooked, cut in pieces, coated with white sauce, breaded, fried; served with Ravigote sauce.

Palais De Boeuf A La Vivandiere

Same preparation as the preceding; served in a brown sauce with onions, butter, port wine, parsley. (See Soups).


Divided in short pieces, steeped in cold water, they are then stewed for several hours to dissolve the mucilaginous substance that surrounds the bone, and dressed in various ways, but principally in soup.

Haricot Of Ox Tails

Pieces first browned in a frying pan with fat and onions, then stewed in same pan with water for 3 hours, assorted vegetables added, seasoned, thickened; served with the vegetables and potatoes.

Ox Tail Soup Thick

Good beef stock, a haricot stew like the preceding added to it, the pieces of ox-tail and vegetables served in the plates.

Ox Tail Soup Clear

Clear consomme, neat pieces of ox-tail free from bone, and different-colored vegetables in lozenge shapes served in the plates with it.

Ox Tail Soup With Barley

And with macaroni, etc., see Soups.