Salsify,Scorzonera, . A white root with the taste of oysters. Grows to about the thickness of a ringer. Is best after frost in the spring of the year.

Stewed Oyster Plant

Scraped, boiled in water containing a little vinegar, salt, and flour to slightly whiten it; when tender, cut in short pieces in white sauce.

Fried Oyster Plant

Boiled, cut in lengths, dipped in batter, fried like fritters.

Oyster Plant Fritters

Boiled tender, mashed, stirred up with egg, little flour, butter, salt, pepper; spoonfuls dropped in hot lard.

Salsifis A La Creme

Boiled, cut in pieces in cream sauce.

Salsifis A La Moelle

Oyster-plant boiled, cut up and stewed in brown sauce; served on toast spread with hot beef-marrow.

Salsifis A La Poulette

In yellow sauce thickened with yolks, and mushrooms added.

Beignets De Salsifis

Fritters of oyster-plant.

Pailles Au Parmesan

Cheese straws. Although called straws the paste is better looking and better to bake if cut with a paste cutter into strips 1/4-inch wide. Equal quantities of butter, cheese and flour are pounded together to make it, but one or two yolks and a sprinkling of water improves it.

Palais De Bceuf (Fr)



Bread soaked in milk or water and squeezed dry. It is used in making stuffing, quenelles, forcemeats, puddings.


The pancake is the oldest form of bread and there are remains of ancient ceremonies and popular customs in regard to it still observed in some places of which the original significance is now unknown. In Catholic communities and coun-tries which formerly were Catholic the custom is observed of eating pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, which is at the beginning of Lent. It is a pancake feast in which everybody joins, the French perhaps keeping up the observance with the greatest vigor.

Paon (Fr)


Paper Cases

Little paper boats, cups or boxes in which dainty small fish or birds are baked in sauce, or souffles are baked instead of in cups, or ices are frozen and served. They can be bought ready made at confectioners' supply stores; are of various fancy forms, crimped and fluted, and Some are of the finest delicate rice-paper. Where these cannot be obtained sometimes there is a paper box maker who \vill furnish some of a plainer sort, the box machinery cutting the paper for cases in short order; but otherwise the cases can be made at home by clipping fine white paper to shape and pasting up the ends or sides. Thy should hold from 1/4 pt. to 1/2 pt. according to use intended.

Paper Frills For Cutlets

Paper cut in fringe and coiled in spirals around the bones of lamb or mutton cutlets to serve at party breakfasts. They can be bought by the gross cheaply. If to be made at home double a sheet of paper and clip the doubled edge to fine fringe, then move the other edges of the paper one lower than the other and the fringe will bow open, fasten so with paste, roll around a pencil, and the fringe paper will retain spring enough to coil around the bone.