Lamb is the favorite meat of the Greeks and Turks. It is more exquisitely dressed in the Turkish kitchen than in that of any other country.

Roast Lamb

In a dripping pan dashed with boiling water, cooked 15 minutes for each pound; basted often. Ten minutes before taken up it is dredged with flour and basted with butter. Fat poured off, gravy made in pan and currant jelly mixed with it.

Breast Of Lamb With Peas

Cut in square pieces, floured and half fried, stock or water added, simmered tender, peas in the remaining liquor served with it.

Lamb Cutlets Aux Petits Pois

Cutlets breaded and fried; frills on the bones; border of mashed potatoes in dish hollowed in middle and filled with peas, mushroom sauce around, cutlets on the mushrooms around the central border.

Lamb Cutlets A La Demi Deuil

When lamb cutlets are saute, it is usual to surround them with a border of truffles, which is called demi-deuil - a kind of half-mourning for the gentle creature.

Lamb Cutlets And Stuffed Cucumbers

Ornamental dish; cucumbers hollowed and stuffed with bread forcemeat, stewed in milk, made cold, cut into rings, breaded, fried, cutlets with frills on bone arranged alternately in a crown, macedoine of vegetables in center.

Saute D'Agneau Aux Tomates

Paris restaurant specialty. Boned shoulder of lamb cut into 1 inch squares, fried in 4 oz. butter with 3 onions and 2 cloves of garlic; 12 tomatoes cut in halves, half fried in butter then added to the stew and all cooked 15 minutes; croutons around.

Lamb Cutlets Au Parmesan

Cutlets partly fried in butter to set them in shape, then dipped in white sauce made thick with grated cheese, breaded, egged, breaded again and fried.

Lamb Cutlets With Young Carrots

Breaded cutlets with very small carrots cooked whole and seasoned with butter, chopped parsley, pepper, salt, sugar, lemon juice.

Lamb Chops A La Princesse

Broiled chops dipped in white mushroom sauce, made cold, egged and breaded and fried. Served with asparagus in white sauce.

Lamb Cutlets A La Chatlelaine

Cutlets sauteed on one side, cooled, trimmed, the cooked side covered with puree of chicken and onion moistened with cream and egg. The uncooked side is next sauteed which sets the covering. Served with demi-glace and puree of green peas.

Selles D' Agneau A La Toulousaine

Three saddles of lamb boned and served in turban form. The meat is cut in fillets which are larded, half with lean ham, half with truffles; marinaded in oil and lemon juice, arranged in alternate form with forcemeat between, covered with buttered paper, baked, served with financiere garnish.

Lamb Cutlets A La Boulangere

Cutlets dipped in oil and flour, and broiled; cream sauce.

Cotelettes D'Agneau Aux Petits Legumes

Breaded and fried; julienne vegetables in brown sauce in the dish.