Needs to be timed in boiling to 1/2 hour for each pound.

Bacon, Broiled

Thin slices broiled to a crisp over a charcoal fire.

Bacon With Eggs

The bacon on the dish first, and fried eggs on top.

Bacon Omelet

Lean bacon minced very fine and lightly fried, the fat poured into another pan, and omelet poured into that, cooked bacon strewed all over the surface; when soft cooked, rolled up, garnished with parsley in the dish.

Stuffed Bacon

Cut thin, but slices left in pairs, not quite separated; stuffed with mashed potatoes and rolled in cracker dust or crumbs; fried.

Bacon And Spinach

Slices of boiled bacon laid upon a. bed of seasoned spinach.

Bacon And Fish

Broiled. or fried bacon is the best accompaniment to fried or broiled trout, bass or other fresh-water fish.

Bacon And Beefsteak

Broiled steak, with a slice or two ok broiled bacon on top, is esteemed a luxury.

Bacon And Cabbage

Boiled together and slices of bacon served with cabbage.

Bacon And Green Beans

In some parts of the states string or snap beans will hardly be eaten without bacon; it is boiled along with them, and small pieces cut and served in each dish sent in.

Bacon And White Beans

The French cooks think it all right to boil navy beans plain and serve them with a slice of bacon on each order - it is their substitute for baked pork and beans, which they seldom cook.

Bacon With Chicken

Boiled chicken and turkey go well with boiled bacon, but the unsmoked or very light smoked is required - the " bulk meat" or salt pork.

Bacon In Canvas

Is too dear for constant use, the weight of the wrappings having to be paid for, and the quality of bacon is hidden; thin and unserviceable pieces that trim half away are covered up in canvas, of which the only use is to keep insects out of the meat for those who keep it in stock. The most profitable to buy is bacon by the box of 50 to 100 pounds, well smoked, free from bone and not canvassed. The removal of the bones from the rib sides will be found to cause much waste of the meat at the same cutting unless use can be found for such outside cuts.

Bacon And Sauerkraut

Should go together.