Eggs slightly beaten, cooked like a pancake in a frying pan, rolled or half turned. There is an important little secret in making these delicacies. A very clean frying pan is of course indispensable,and after having placed about an ounce of fresh butter to melt in the frying-pan, the oiled butter should be poured into the omelette mixture, and thoroughly whisked into it. This will not only prevent the omelet sticking to the pan, but will give it arichness not otherwise obtainale.

Omelette Aux Rognons

Specialty. "Well, now, try this: Stew the kidneys, add seasoning, a pinch of cayenne (or, better still, a small whole capsicum-pod), and an apple or two. When done, strain off; chop the kidneys fine; make a savory omelette; rub the apples through a tammy, and add them to the gravy; thicken it, and put it in the bottom of a scalding-hot dish; place the kidneys in the omelette, and let the latter almost float in the gravy, (or sauce) and serve. Ye gods! what a feast!"

Omelette With Spinach

Spinach boiled, drained, chopped fine, seasoned with little onion fried in butter. A savory omelet made and served in hot dish with the spinach around it.

Asparagus Omelet

Green points of asparagus boiled, drained, seasoned, mixed in an omelet and cooked in it.

Parsley Omelet

Three eggs, tablespoonful of cream and same of chopped parsley, slightly beaten together; cooked on one side,, salted, rolled up.

Kidney Omelet

Mutton kidneys thinly sliced, fried, and sauce made to them with wine. A savory omelet made and kidneys inclosed in it, with the thick sauce.

Tomato Omelet

Onion fried in butter, and tomatoes added and dried down, seasoned. Omelet made, cooked on one side and tomatoes inclosed in it.

Omelette A La Minute

" Before an English cook would have fairly smashed her eggs, a French chef has whisked them, tossed in a pinch of salt and chopped parsley, shaken all over a roaring coke fire as if he was seized with sudden frenzy, and plumped his omelet into a dish cooked to a turn. The Granville Hotel has a chef who is great at that triumph of the art culinary - an omelet. Especially does he excel with shrimp and truffle omelets".

Omelette A La Jardiniere

Mixed vegetables comprising mushrooms, carrots, turnips, beans, peas, cooked in stock with herbs; brown sauce and thickening added. Half the vegetables mixed in an omelet, rest poured over when done.

Omelette Au Naturel

Plain omelet.

Omelette Aux Huitres

Oyster omelet.

Omelette Aux Olives

Omelet with chopped olives and brown sauce.

Omelette Aux Champignons

Mushroom omelet.

Omelette Au Parmesan

With grated Parmesan cheese.

Omelette Au Fromage

Cheese omelet. Omelette au Jambon Ham omelet.

Omelette Au Lard

Bacon omelet.

Omelette A La Puree De Volaille

Puree of chicken in cream rolled up in the omelet.