Sandwich Island Dainties

"The following was the bill of fare at a dinner which was given recently by King Kalakaua to a party of American visitors: 'Raw shrimps, kukui nuts, taro, pci, cold chicken, crackers, raw fish, seaweed, raw crabs, raw pig's liver, fruits, coffee, roast dog, ice cream, champagne, lager beer, ginger ale.' The roast dog, we are told, tasted like duck. In Hawaii dogs are kept in pens and fed like pigs".


A drink composed of wine and water with sugar, lemon, lime juice, or other flavors optional. It is named according to the kind of wine used.

Sarcelle (Fr)

Teal duck.


A small tree abundant in the United States, the bark of the roots of which emits a fragrant odor and possesses mild medicinal qualities; used for making sassafras tea, a blood purifier and in sassafras beer and combinations of roots and herbs in beverages and medicines. The bark can be purchased in a dried state at drug stores.

Saucisson (Fr)



See Cabbage. Before cooking the sauer-kraut, it must be well washed in several waters, then well drained, and put in a braizing-pan, with a fine piece of streaky bacon, a few Frankfort sausages, some fat taken from the surface of the stock-pot, and a ladleful of white stock. Stew the sauer-kraut for 3 hours, letting it simmer gently all the time in a moderately heated oven; but the bacon and sausages will have to be taken out when done, and put aside to be dished around the sauer-kraut when the latter is served.

The Alsatian Way

Quartered apples, fat salt pork and a clove of garlic are put in to stew with the sauer-kraut.


Brillat Savarin, noted as the author of the Physiologie du Gout, or Gastronomy as a Fine Art. He was a French advocate, contemporary with Carfime, De Cussy, Dr.Joseph Roques, and the last notable coterie of French writers on gastronomy. He died at the age of sevenfy-one, of a cold caught at Louis XVIII's funeral.

Savarin Cake

A yeast-raised cake, not different from bab'a, except in the decoration of the mould with almonds; after baking, the cake is saturated with orange-syrup or wine and curacao.

Savar In Cake With Strawberry Sauce

"A delicious entremets just now in the strawberry season in Paris: Cook 20 little savarin-cakes in dariole moulds, and, as they come out of oven, dip them in syrup flavored with lemon and orange-peel; let syrup run off, mask them with an icing of powdered sugar diluted with strawberry-juice; build them up on dish into a pyramid, and send them to table with a puree of strawberries, diluted with vanilla-flavored syrup".


A popular variety of sausage ready-cooked; it is reddened with saltpetre; made of 2 lbs. saltpetre-pickled pork, 6 oz. bread-crumbs, 4 sage-leaves, 1 teaspoonful pepper; filled into skins and boiled.


One of the seasoning herbs; can be grown in any garden; is far better green than in the dry powdered state as found at the stores; can often be obtained in regular supply from the market-gardeners. There are two varieties, the summer and winter savories, both fragrant and most excellent for soups and stews.