Uses Of: Appleade

A sort of beer made of 1/2 bushel apples, baked and mashed, 2 pounds rice boiled soft in 2 gallons water, all put in a tub having a faucet, 7 gallons boiling water and 4 pounds sugar added, and some yeast, when cool. After 24 hours, strain off into a tight keg for use or sale.

Bottled Appleade

Same as above except using about an ounce of Irish moss instead of rice, and lemon rind added; bottled, and cork tied down.

Apple Champagne

Flavor said to be like champagne; made of 2 pounds apples, baked and mashed with 1 gallon boiling water, 3/4 pound sugar added and yeast when cool; allow to ferment 24 hours, strained through flannel, bottled and corks tied or wired.

Apple And Apricot Compotes Or Meringues

A dish buttered and spread with fine bread crumbs, nearly filted with mixed apple and apricot marmalade, meringue or frosting on top, and baked.

Compote Of Apples

Apples in halves dropped into boiling sugar syrup, cooked carefully without breaking until transparent; syrup flavored, perhaps colored, is boiled down thick and poured over them cold.

Apple Butter

Apples pared and cored, boiled down in an equal measure of swee: cider; is light brown, thick as marmalade; will keep for months, can be bought in various sized packages, is often imitated with stewed dried apples.

Apple Charlotte

A pan or mould lined with thin slices of bread dipped in butter, nearly filled with stewed apple or marmalade, top covered with bread, baked brown, glazed with egg and sugar.

Charlotte Depommes A La Parisienne

An apple charlotte in which the slices are cut to form a pattern on the bottom and sides of a thickly buttered mould, the edges being dipped in egg; after baking turned out whole and glazed with egg and sugar, set in the oven to crisp, or salamandered.

German Souffle

Thick-stewed apple in a dish, thick yolk of egg hoiled custard poured upon it, white of egg whipped stiff, sweetened, flavored, piled on top and lightly colored in the oven.

German Apple Cake

A very thin sheet of light roll dough spread upon a baking pan, cored and quartered apples pressed into the dough raw, sugar sifted over, allowed to rise; then baked until apples are done.

Maryland Apple Cake

A shallow mould lined with sweet tart paste, nearly filled with thick-stewed apples or marmalade, well flavored with ground cinnamon, paste on top, dry baked, turned out when cold and sugared over; is also served warm as a sweet entree.