Appetissants, cold horsd'ceuvres, kickshaws, side dishes; these are the small things eaten as a preliminary to a good dinner, supposed to create an appetite for something more substantial, though, as one of George Eliot's characters says: " It is poor eating when the flavor o' the meat lies i the cruets." The favorite in the United States, probably, is raw oysters, four or six on a plate, with half a lemon and crackers. Next to oysters, small clams. Others are as follows.

Sardines Au Parmesan

Strips of toast spread with butter and grated Parmesan cheese and a sardine on top.

Roties A La Minime

Split sardines on oblong pieces of fried bread, served with a sauce of oil, vinegar and mustard.

Canapes A La Prince De Galles

Very small rolls filled with chopped ham, anchovies, gherkins and truffles, the top covered with asmc mayonaise.

Tartines De Caviare

Russian caviare spread on small slices of buttered toast.

Biscuits A La Diable

Thin beaten biscuits spread with chopped anchovies, hard-boiled egg, capers and parsley.

Croutes A L'Indienne

Chopped anchovies or sardines, eggs, capers, red pepper and shallots on small buttered toast.

Croutes Aux Anchois

Small rounds of fried bread spread with anchovy butter and a filleted anchovy coiled on top.

Croutes Aux Sardines

Same as the preceding.

Canapes Aux Anchois

Rounds of fried bread with chopped anchovies and capers and yolk and white of egg arranged in quarters.

Sardines A La Martinache

Sardines dipped in tomato catsup laid upon toast spread with butter and parsley.

Olives Farcies Aux Sardines

Stoned olives stuffed with chopped sardine placed on top of small rounds of fried bread spread with mayonaise and decorated with capers.

Arlets A La Bologna

Strips of Trown bread and butter sprinkled with finely chopped spring onions, a thin slice of sausage or potted meat and spot of tabasco sauce. Hors d'CEuvres VarieeS - may be: Farced olives with cucumbers and pulled bread, smoked salmon in thin strips on brown bread and butter, with garden cress cut short and sprinkled; caviare with potted tongue and thin biscuit; anchovies or sardines on bread and butter with sliced radishes and leaves of water cress; Roquefort cheese with green butter and radishes on graham crackers; anchovies and potted ham on wafers; sardines scraped, boned, laid in strips crosswise on buttered roll, with capers in the interstices, and a sprinkling of chili vinegar; sardines in halves, minced yolk and white and parsley placed ornamentally on bread and butter, sprinkled with tarragon vinegar; caviare spread on Vienna bread garnished with water cress; shrimps or prawns on rounds of bread buttered, with the smallest lettuce leaves between, sprinkled with tarragon vinegar; grated ham and tongue on rounds of bread buttered, sprinkled with minced spring onions; caviare spread on diamonds of rye or other bread, garnished with lemon and parsley; thin slices of large lemons with^ardines or anchovies coiled, bread and butter and parsley. (For other suggestions see anchovies, sardines, caviare, etc.) At club dinners and other entertainments many of these relishes are served with the cheese at the close of the meal.

A recent innovation is to serve slices of mushmelon or cantelope with salt and pepper, among the fior.- d'ezuvres.