A little sea fish caught in the Mediterranean. It has a high flavor, is used as an appetizer and in sauces. It is preserved in salt brine; can be bought either in bottles or small kegs of one or two quarts' size. Anchovies as a cold hors d'amvre are served uncooked. Wipe, split, serve in oil like sardines with garnish of eggs, parsley, lemons, etc., and, uncooked, they are cut in pieces in some sorts of salads. Anchovy Essence is a pink-colored, oily, thick sort of sauce; can be bought in bottles. One London firm is said to have almost a monopoly of the manufacture, making nine-tenths of all the anchovy essence used in the world. The essence consists of pounded anchovies simmered with water, vinegar, spices, mushroom catsup and the brine the fish were preserved in, all passed through a seive, bottled and corked down while hot. Adulterated or spurious samples have been found to contain starch for consistency and Venetian red for color. Anchovy essence is used to flavor fish sauce, (see admiral sauce or sauce a I'amiral), and as a finish to turtle soup, and especially for imitations or soups made of fresh water turtles.

The largest sea turtles possess the anchovy flavor so s'trong as to make them scarcely eatable.

Anchovy Paste

Another name for anchovy butter.

Anchovy Butter

Anchovies washed, boned, pounded with soft butter through a seive; may be mixed with parsley and lemon juice; is used to spread upon hot, broiled beefsteak and upon toast, also in pats to garnish dishes of broiled or boiled fish. It can be made as well by stirring anchovy essence into softened butter.

Anchovy Powder

Anchovies passed through a seive, made into a paste with flour, baked dry in thin cakes, powdered and used for flavoring.

Fried Anchovies

Split, boned, dipped in fritter batter and fried same as anchois a la d'Horly.

Anchovy Sauce

Butter sauce, hot, highly flavored either with an chovy essence or chopped anchovies and lemon juice, served with fish and steaks.

Anchovy Omelet

Fillets (boneless sides) of anchovies laid on an omelet, not rolled but flat in the pan, another flat omelet turned upon it and the cooking of the inside finished in the oven.

Anchovy Toast

Slices of toast, either buttered and with the boneless sides of anchovies with mustard and cayenne laid upon them, or toast spread with anchovy butter.

Anchovy Patties

Small pieces of fish forcemeat mixed with fjichovy butter baked inside of two flats of puff paste.

Anchovy Tartines

Round and thin slices of bread or biscuits, buttered, anchovies in oil (like sardines) cut in thin strips and arranged crosswise upon them, the spaces filled with minced eggs, pickles, etc.; lunch dish.

Anchovy Sandwich

Thin sliced bread spread with anchovy butter or puree of anchovies with butter.

Anchovy Eggs

Hard boiled eggs cut in halves, the yolks taken out, rubbed through a seive, seasoned with anchovy essence and butter, put back in the whites served, garnished, either hot or cold.

Anchovy Breakfast Cake

Rice (boiled) stirred up with an -chovy essence, butter, flour and eggs, and baked.

Allumettes D'Anchois

(See page 231).