Culinary Terms And Various Information Pertaining To The Steward's Department.

Abalone - Aerated Wines


A shell fish cooked and served in Chinese restaurants in California. The shell is pearl of brilliant hues, largely employed In the decorative arts. The abalone trade of California has been recently estimated to amount to about $250,000 a year. The flesh of these mollusks is preserved by drying and afterwards prepared for use by soaking in hot water; it is described as being tasteless and tough as India rubber when first put into the mouth, but soon breaks into granules with an agreeable flavor.

Abatoir (Fr)

Slaughter house.

Abatis (Fr)

Giblets. Pate aux abatis is giblet pie. Abatis de Dinde a la Chipolata is turkey giblets with sausages, etc.

Aberdeen Sandwiches

Hot sandwiches of fried bread in rounds like silver dollars, spread with minced chicken or other meats well seasoned.

Abernethy Biscuit

A round, sweet cracker flavored with caraway seed. Common in English shops.


An intoxicating liquor, a common tipple in France, made of the extract of the weed wormwood and caraway seed in alcohol. Occasionally used in punches and fancy drinks.

Accolade (Fr)

Brace, pair; accolade deper-dreaux is brace of partridges.

Acetic Acid

Pastry cooks and confectioners use it in small quantities to whiten and stiffen cake icing, and to prevent-'grranulation in boiling sugar.

It is vinegar concentrated ami refined and costs hut little. Substitutes for it are lemon juice, cream tartar, tartaric acid and citric acid. Acetic, boracic and salycilic acids are all employed as dressings to preserve raw meats from spoiling when exported to great distances.

Acid And Soda

The original baking powder or yeast powder, mixed and used by cooks and bakers before prepared baking powders became a regular article of manufacture and sale. (See baking powder).

Acid Icing

Meringue or frosting made with lemon juice in equal quantity with white of eggs.

Acidulated Pudding

Sponge cake slices, saturated with lemon syrup and covered with custard in a dish.

Adelaide Sandwiches

Hot rounds of fried bread with minced chicken, etc., between, like Aberdeen sandwiches, with a small ball of cheese baked upon top of each just before serving.

Admiral Pudding

A boiled suet plum pudding, made with mashed potatoes and carrots each in equal proportion to the flour.

Admiral Sauce

Anchovy sauce with chopped capers and shallots added, and very little lemon rind; in other words, butter sauce with pounded anchovies, shallots, capers and little lemon rind in it; good for boiled fish.

Adam's Apple

The banana; supposed by some to be the fruit of which Adam ate.

Aerated Drinks

Bottled soda, ginger ale, etc., are flavored waters charged with gas by means of a forced aparatus made for the purpose.

Aerated Waters

A few natural mineral waters are slightly aerated, discharging air bubbles as they rise in the spring. Some of these and others, found suitable, are artificially charged.

Aerated Wines

Imitation wines and champagnes are made effervescent as if fermented by being charged with gas like aerated drinks.