Caper Substitutes

The flower of the marsh marigold are used, and the pods of the nasturtium flower pickled; these are thought to be as good as capers.

Capolitade De Volaille

Pieces of fowl in Italian sauce, with capers.


A sterilized fowl of either sex, fed and fattened for market. Capons attain to twice the weight of ordinary fowls.

Roast Capon

Same as turkeys and fowls, with stuffing and butter basting. Giblet sauce or brown sauce from the baking pan.

Boiled Capon With Salt Pork

Same as chicken or turkey. " A capon is not so profitable as a fowl, as it wastes very much in cooking. The bird being fed on barley-meal and milk, the flesh is necessarily finer.

Capon Pie

"Should you be in Dorsetshire or Hampshire, and see before you a capon pie, the capon stuffed with truffles and innumerable dainties, eat. Eat, be it morning, be it noon, or be it night. Eat, and be thankful for your introduction to one of the greatest luxuries the mind of man has ever conceived.'*


The small red peppers used in bottled pickles.

Essence Of Capsicums

Cayenne pepper in spirit, used in seasoning instead of pepper.

Capsicum Butter

For sandwiches; butter and cayenne.

Captain's Biscuits

Home-made hardtack.


Burnt sugar. Said to have been named from a Viscount Caramel. It is the stage in boiling sugar when the boiling ends and it begins,to turn brown. At that stage it has a pleasant taste like some brown candies.


Name given to various kinds of candies, generally of a dark sort.

Caramel Coloring

Sugar burnt in a frying pan till it smokes and turns black, water then added, boiled, strained; used for giving the brandy-color to soups, jellies and spirits.

Caramel Pudding

Sugar melted brown in a mould and run all over the interior while cooling; filled up with custard of cream and yolks; steamed.

Caramel Ice Cream

Brown almond nougat made by melting sugar to caramel with almonds mixed; when cold, pounded fine and mixed in ice cream instead of sugar.

Caraway Seed

Seed of a garden herb; grows like seed of carrots and parsnips; cheap in the drug stores; used in various cakes and sweet crackers, used by the Germans in rye bread, used steeped in spirits to make kumntel, and in various liqueurs.

Carbonnade De Moutox (Fr)

Loin of mutton.

Carbonic Acid Gas

The "fizz" of soda water, etc.

Cardinal Punch

One pineapple sliced in a bowl with powdered sugar, and left to stand a few hours; the peel of the pineapple boiled in little water which is strained to the fruit for higher flavor; 2 or 3 bottles good white wine added and about 1 lb. sugar. Set on ice. When served, a bottle of seltzer or champagne added.

Strawberry Cardinal

One qt. fine red-ripe strawberries in a bowl with i lb. sugar and 1 bottle red wine. Set on ice. When served, 2 bottles Rhine wine or Moselle, 1 bottle champagne or seltzer. Both of these may be frozen and served semi-fluid in punch glasses, but need more sugar for that.