Cardinal Sauce

It signifies red sauce, cardinal red having that name in allusion to the red capes worn by the cardinals of the Romish church. And the red sauce is made by mixing lobster coral - the eggs or roe - in butter sauce, with some other approved flavorings for a relish with fish.

Cardon (Fr)


Carrelets (Fr)

Flounders; flat-fish.

Carre De Mouton (Fr)

Neck or rack of mutton.

Cartouches De Cupidon

Cartridge -forms of two colors of icecream; Cupid's cartridges.


A baked shape of rice; the same thing as cassolette, but larger. The rice is boiled dry, then mashed and seasoned, shaped as wanted with a wet knife, the inside hollowed out; exterior decorated, egged over and baked; then filled with a ragout or mince.

Casserole (Fr)

Old name for saucepan. At a fashionable party in Paris: "The casseroles de ris de veau petits pots were stews of sweetbread with new peas served in small silver saucepans, the lid being attached to each with a bow of silk ribbon".


The cheaper spice that passes for cinnamon. (See cinnamon).


Black currant wine.


Little cup-shaped cases of mashed rice, made to hold some kind of meat or sweet filling. They are usually floured and fried; they can be finished by baking as well. One form of rice croquette, which is like biscuit, with a hollow in the center to hold fruit jelly, breaded and fried, is a cassolette, but the shapes can be made deep and very ornamental.

Castor Plant

Grown in boxes in dining halls, bar-rooms, etc., it is said to effectually banish flies. The discovery that castor-oil plants possesses the faculty of killing and keeping away flies, mosquitoes and other insects was recently made by a Preach scientist named Rafford, who noticed that certain rooms in his house, in which castor-oil plants were growing, were entirely free from these disagreeable insects, although other apartments were infested with them. He found lying near the plants large quantities of dead flies, and a large numlwr of dead bodies were hanging to the under-surface of the leaves, which caused him to investigate the matter, and the discovery was made that the plants gave out an essential oil or some toxic principle which possessed very powerful insecticide qualities.


See Wines, Drinks, Ices.


The guinea pig. Where cavies are an article of regular consumption, especially as a substitute for game in the menu in the summer season, they are cooked in a variety of ways. They are ex cellent in various stews as entrees, with mushrooms cut up and stewed brown, in a white stew with button mushrooms, with brown onions, with green peas, a la Sottbise, and especially in curry. The guinea pig or cavy is prepared for cooking the same way as a 'possum, by scalding and scraping the hair off.

Cavaliers Broil

A boned shoulder of mutton or lamb baked in covered pan, pressed flat while cooking, scored with a knife point, and sauce and seasonings rubbed into the gashes; broiled on the gridiron.