Perdrix, Perdreaux (Fr)

Partridges; the latter term is applied to young birds.

Perigord (A/A)

With truffles; name of a town in France famous as a truffle market.

Perigord Pie

A pate or raised pie of boned partridges and fresh truffles.

Perigeux, Sauce

Truffle sauce, made of espagnole, meat glaze, white wine and sliced truffles. Meats served with this sauce are a la Peri-geux.

Parisian Restaurant Recipe

And, being amongst my recipes, here is one for a sauce which is most delicious, and which, being of truffles, can be eaten with almost any dish. It is called Sauce Peri-geux: Chop up some lean ham into small dice and mix it with an onion and shallot minced very fine. Fry this with some butter in a saucepan until the onion has browned the whole, when add a little white wine and let it simmer. Make some browned butter, mix the sauce with it, with an equal quantity of bouillon and shredded truffles. Let it simmer again until it becomes of the consistency of sauce. Pass it through a sieve and add as many truffles as possible, cut into slices, when the sauce will be ready for use.


A sea snail of small size, cooked and eaten as a relish, cold, but does not enter into any compound dishes.


The juice of the pear; pear cider.

Persillade (Fr)

Parsley sauce; a dish made green with cooked parsley.


Sheeps' feet, lambs' feet or pigs' feet. The common popular name of sheeps' pettitoes is sheeps' trotters.

Petit Or Petite (Fr)

Small. Petits Pois - small (young) green peas.

Petits Pains

Small loaves, rolls. Petites Fondues - small souffles of cheese and eggs in paper cases.

Petites Meringues

Small meringues or egg-kisses.

Petits Choux (Fr)

One of the three or four names attached to the hollow cakes popularly known as cream puffs when filled with cream. The petits-choux paste is employed for several purposes. (See Eclairs, Profiterolles, Queen Fritters).

Phosphorus Paste For Roaches

The following recipe for the destruction of cockroaches in bakehouses, etc., is efficacious: Mix 1 dram of phosphorus with 2 oz. of water in a stone jar; set this in hot water until the phosphorus is melted, then pour into a quart or half-gallon pan containing 1/4 lb. of melted lard. Stir up quickly, and put 1/2 lb of fine sugar and 1/2 lb. flour made into a stiff paste. Make the paste into small balls about the size of small Spanish nuts, and put them about wherever you find the cockroaches, and fill up all cracks and holes with the paste. They will eat it and die by hundreds.


Mixed pickles.


American lake-fish of the pike family, larger than a pike, and of first quality for the table; is cooked by broiling, boiling, frying, or baking.

Pieces Montees

Large decorative pieces of cooks' work of all kinds. "The service a la Russe, by some gourmets lauded to the skies, by others abominated as inartistic and unconvivial, has almost banished savory pieces montees from the dinner table. Save at a restaurant in Paris or St. Petersburg, we rarely see our food in its entirety. But there are certain plats which should be seen before they are eaten. Such is the saumon a la Chambord, surmounted by its forest of hatelets; the dinde truffee, and in particular the poulet a la Marengo, that glorious pyramid of fowl fried in oil - Napoleon's cook had no butter when his master returned from his famous victory, and was fain to use Lucca oil instead - eggs, sippets, and crawfish. Served a la Russe in fragments from an invisible entity, these historic mels would lose half their purport and significance".