Asses' Milk

Has had a run at various times as a health food for children and consumptives. There used to be milk-stands in the London parks where the donkeys, sleek, curried and beautifully kept, were milked to order for children and other customers as they came.

Assiette (Fr)


Atelets Or Hatelets

Skewers, some of silver with ornamental heads are for decorating cold dishes, others for cooking "kebobs" on or any meats a la brochelte.

Attelet (Fr)

Bleak, a small fish.

Attereau De Rognons

Brochette or skewer of chicken kidneys, a French restaurant specialty. Cook some "rognons de coq" in white stock, allow them to cool in their liquor; drain; run on silver skewers with cockscombs between. Oover with chaudfroid sauce, then with beaten egg, bread crumb them and fry. Served on the skewers, garnished.

Attereaux (Fr)

The ornaments cut out of firm aspic jelly for bordering dishes.

Au, Aux

To or with; as beef au celerior aux oignons (onions); au is used when the accompanying article is but one thing, and aux when it is many.

Au Gratin

With a brown or toasted surface.

Au Jus

With gravy.

Au Jambon

With ham.

Aux Champignons

With button mushrooms.

Auberge (Fr)

An inn.


The eggplant.

Aurelian Cake

A rice sponge cake, of 1/2 pound ground rice, 1/2 pound sugar, 12 eggs with 3 of the whites left out, brandy and flavoring. Made like sponge cake.

Aurora Soup

Potage a I'Aurore, or soup blushing like the morning; the fanciful name given by a cook to a soup made orange-colored, with a puree of carrots and further thickened with yolks of eggs'.

Aurora Sauce

Lobster butter made by pounding lobster coral (the egg) and butter together, mixed in white sauce. It is pink, and when lobster coral cannot be obtained is colored to imitate it. Lemon juice, salt and cayenne required in the sauce. Served with fish.


Latin name of oats.

Rolled Avena

Crushed oats or oatmeal.


Polish cake in common use; a yeast-raised, white sort of fruit cake, made of sugar, butter and eggs, few raisins and almonds mixed with a piece of light dough about equal in weight to all of them, thoroughly beaten; let rise in moulds, and baked.

Baha Au Rhum

The baba cake served as pudding with hot syrup, containing rum, poured over it.


Chine of pork; the American bacon maker's cut, being the entire backbone of the hog from the ears to the tail, the latter included.

Backbone Stew

Country luxury; the backbone chopped in convenient pieces, stewed with an onion, potatoes, pinch of sage, salt, pepper, and flour to thicken.

Backbone Pot Pie

The stew in a wide pan, spoonfuls of biscuit dough dropped in.

Backbone Pie

The stew in a baking pan, covered with sheet of paste, and baked.

Baked Backbone

Chopped in convenient pieces, salt, pepper and sprinkling of sage; baked brown. The bones being exceedingly abundant in packing house localities make a glut of pork food at certain seasons like the gluts of fish in other places. Stuffed chine, broiled bones with fried apples and apple sauce, bones with Robert sauce, bones with onions, and in many of the ways of regular pork cooking are then equally in vogue.