Rissole and croquette both signify about the same thing, something crisp. The difference usually observed is to make the rissole with a coat of flour paste, the croquette with a coat of egg and bread-crumbs or cracker meal. The distinctions are not always observed, however. A rissole is a portion of minced meat combination rolled up in a thin coat of pie-paste and fried in a kettle of hot lard.

Rissoles A La Roi

Minced olives and truffles and hard-boiled yolks and whites; spoonfuls inclosed in turnovers of pie-paste; egged, breaded, fried. Garnished with lemons and cress.


Small or fancy-shaped rissoles.

Ris (Fr)


Ris De Veau

Calfs' sweetbread.

Ris D'Agneau

Lambs' sweetbread.

Riz (Fr)


Rizzered Haddie

See Scottish Cookery.


Cooked with a slice of bacon over the breast, served on toast in the usual way of all small birds.

Rocky Mountain Oysters

Lambs* fries.

Rock Buns

Rough rocky looking cakes made of 3/4 lb. each butter, sugar and currants, 3 eggs, 3 lbs. flour, 1/2 pt. milk, 1/2 oz. carb. ammonia dissolved in milk. Makes stiff dough, pieces pulled off rough with a fork baked on greased pans.

Rock Cake

Yi lb; each butter, sugar and currants, 3 eggs, 3/4 lb. flour, baked in a mould.

Roes Of Fish

Shad roes bring the highest prices, mullet and carp rocs are as good except in the one particular of color, they are not so white when cooked.

Shad Roes Fried

Seasoned with salt and pepper, rolled in flour, then egged and breaded, fried in little fat in frying pan to prevent curling; tomato sauce.

Shad Roes A La Maitre D'Hotel

Steeped in oil with onion, seasoned, broiled, served with maitre d'hotel butter.

Roes Aux Fines Herbes

Shad or other roes in a baking pan with chopped mushrooms, onion and parsley, and salt and pepper strewed under and over, broth and wine, simmered together in slow oven, sauce made in the pan. (See Laitances).

Rognons (Fr)


Roly Poly Puddings

Favorite kind, boiled or steamed; made by rolling out a sheet of paste (either short paste, biscuit dough, or a special flaky sort made by the puff-paste method, but less rich), covering with a layer of chopped apples or any fruit or mixture, rolling up in a cloth and steaming an hour or two. Every sort of fruit can be used, and mixtures of many kinds, from molasses thickened with flour to fine lemon mince meat.

Roman Pie

Italian lunch dish. Boil a good-sized rabbit; cut all the meat off as thin as possible and pound it. Add 2 oz. of grated cheese, 2 oz. of macaroni stewed till quite tender, and a little onion chopped fine; pepper, salt and allspice; line a mould with good paste and put in above well mixed; bake for an hour, turn out, and serve cold. Truffles and grated ham or tongue improve the pie.

Roman Punch

Punch of rum and lemons with additions; soft-frozen like granito.

Superior Roman Punch

Mix and freeze 2 qts. of lemon water ice; a few minutes before serving, work in with the spatula 2 glasses of rum, 2 of brandy, 2 of sherry, 1/2 bottle of champagne, and 5 whites of meringue; serve in glasses.