Fresh -water fish; second-rate in quality, yet has received much attention from the cooks because perhaps of its good shape to serve whole. In season from October to June.

Baked Carp

The gills and backbone, which are the parts tasting unpleasantly of mud in some fish, are removed without quite separating the back; a stuffing of bread and oysters put in, the fish sewed up, egged and bread-crumbed on upper side, and baked; gravy made in the pan with tomatoes or Worcestershire sauce.

Carp A La Coblentz

The fish cut in pieces, stewed in stock with Rhine wine, carrots, onions, mushrooms and herbs. Served with the liquor, reduced, lemon juice, butter, parsley, fried bread.

Carpe Kkite

Split, floured and fried.

German Carp A La Biere

Like coblentz, with beer to boil in instead of wine; bits of bacon added.

Carpk A La Mariniere (Sea Fashion)

Cut up, stewed in white wine and water, garlic, onion, parsley; liquor thickened with brown flour and butter; glazed onions, oysters, etc., added.

Carp Roe Ba Lls

Roes cooked with salt, vinegar and water 15 minutes, drained, chopped, mixed with bread crumbs, yolks, butter; baked in balls.

Coquilles De Laitances De Carpe

Scalloped carp roe in shells. " In illustration of how much depends upon the dressing of fish, it may be observed that a stewed carp is really a splendid dish; a boiled carp one of the worst brought to table." (See Buffalo-fish).