Necessary for soups and in stock for sauces; not in much demand as a vegetable in this country. In England nearly always served with boiled salt beef.

Carrots In Cream

Young carrots scraped, parboiled, cut in slices, simmered with very little water till tender; milk, butter.'salt, pepper and corn-starch thickening.

Carrots A La Flamande

Prepared like the last, finished with egg yolks, thickening them like custard, pinch sugar and chopped parsley.

Stewed Carrots

Same as in Cream.

Glazed Carrots

Young carrots, all one size, parboiled, then boiled in seasoned stock with butter and little sugar; dried down to a glaze.

Savory Carrots

Fried in slices with butter, onion, pepper, salt, little flour; when brown, broth added; simmered tender.

Carrots And Green Peas

Carrots cut in dice, cooked half done; equal quantity of peas added; boiled till all are done. But-ter-and-flour thickening.

Carottes A La Menagere

In slices in white sauce with wine and herbs.

Carottes Nouvelles A La Sauce Blanche

Young carrots stewed in white sauce.

Carottes Au Sucre

Boiled and mashed, mixed with sugar, milk, salt, eggs, in a dish, sugared over top and browned in the oven.

Carrots In Puddings

Two oz. grated carrot to each pound of fruit; said to improve plum pudding. Mashed carrot is an ingredient in a pudding on a former page.

Carrot Soups

About half the soups made contain more or less carrots; they are in all vegetable consomme's. "Puree of carrots," "solferino" and "cre'ey" are carrot soups. Grated carrot has been used to color butter.

Carrots In Chartreuses

They are essential for their color in ornamental vegetable pieces and for salads of cooked vegetables in jelly.