It is found that, no matter how fresh butter may be or well made, if it is white it is not satisfactory for table use. The color of butter is affected by the feed of the cows, green grass and clover making it yellow; consequently winter butter is apt to be white, but may be as good otherwise. The most satisfactory for hotel use is creamerv butter; it is always alike, being colored artificially, though probably less at some seasons than others. Then it is made in immense quantities at once and is uniform in quality. Certain brands of creamery are always scarce because of the demand regardless of price.

Butter Ball Duck

A wild duck a little larger than a teal; good quality; generally very fat; Suitable for broiling, and often takes the place of teal. In season November, December, January and February.

Butter Beans

Lima beans.


Small fish, fried like small trout or whitebait.

Butter Pie

A bakery specialty; a flour and butter custard made without eggs; baked in a crust.

Butter Rolls

A variety of French bread; rolls with butter worked in the dough; made flat to split, and butter spread inside. Served hot.

Butter Scotch

Taffy, a brown kind of candy; made by boiling moist sugar and butter together to the crack, and cooling in sheets in shallow pass. Also a sweet cake sold at some shops.

Buttered Apples

Quartered apples baked with butter and sugar; served on fried bread.

Buttered Eggs

Eggs soft scrambled in a saucepan, set in a pan of boiling water, with plenty of butter.

Butter Nut

Kind of walnut, longer in shape and harder shell than the black walnut. Also the souari nut of Demerara.

Butts Of Beef

One of the new cuts of the packing houses; the buttock cut in two or three; boneless, good for second-rate steaks, and lower in price than choice loins.

Cabaret - (Fr)

A wine shop.

Cabillaud (Fr)


Cabbage Palm Or Palm Cabbage

Edible young leaves and heart of a palm tree which grows in Florida and southward.

Cabinet Pudding

A mould or pan nearly filled with slices of cake, with sultana raisins and cut citron between the layers; a custard mixture of eggs and milk poured over; baked.

Steamed Cabinet Pudding

A mould ornamentally lined with raisins and citron and soft butter; filled with sponge cake, macaroons and custard; steamed and turned out whole.

Cold Cabinet Pudding

A charlotte russe made with lady fingers and small macaroons lining a mould, filled up with yellow custard containing gelatine to set it.

Cactus Leaves Candied

The thick, fleshy leaves of a cactus, crystallized in sugar, forms one of the articles of export from Mexico.


The cacao (pronounced ka-ka'-o) bean is the fruit of the cacao tree, a native of Mexico, but now cultivated in all tropical countries. It is a small tree, from 16 to 18 feet high, and the seeds are the parts used for food. They are contained in a large-pointed oval pod, from 6 in. to 10 in. long. This pod contains much sweet and whitish pulp, and from 50 to 100 seeds, or beans as they are usually called. When dried and roasted, and separated from the husk, the beans form cocoa; chocolate is prepared by grinding the roasted beans with sugar and flavoring essences and then pressing the paste thus made into cakes.