Bay Leaf

Used constantly, but in small quantities for boiling in soups and sauces. It imparts a flavor like that of plum kernels; is the leaf of a species of laurel; grows wild in parts of the South, plentiful in Florida. Sold in a dry state at the drug stores; cost very little.

Bay Rum

Rum flavored with bay leaves. Is one of the principal articles of manufacture and export of some of the West India islands. It is used in various drinks, punches, etc., and as a toilet requisite, particularly for the hair. Home-made bay rum is prepared by procuring rum in its uncolored state; to every gallon 100 bay leaves, freshly gathered and bruised in a mortar, are added; steeped for 10days with occasional agitation of the cask;allowed to settle, and drawn off.

Beard Of Shellfish

The mussel has a beard-like filament by which it hangs to the rocks, and it must be removed after cooking before the fish is taken from the shell. The oyster has no such beard, but when it is directed to beard oysters the part intended is the gristle by which it adheres to its shells. Some, however, will pull off the fringe, which are the oyster's gills, for no good reason. But the gristly part is really dry and tasteless, and when choice patties, etc., are to be made, they are the better if that part is removed.

Bearnaise (A La)

Dishes so entitled have generally bearnaise sauce served with; otherwise it means in Swiss style.

Bearnaise Sauce

Named from King Henry " the Bearnaise " or his Swiss home. Made ot 4 tablespoons white wine vinegar, 2 spoons chopped shallots stewed in it, 2 spoons beef extract, 6 g yolks; stirred over fire till begins to thicken, removed to side and 1/2 lb. butter added, little at a time, with occasional drops of water; strained, and chopped parsley, chervil, tarragon and red pepper added; served with fillet steaks, chops and fish. It is bright yellow, like butter, speckled with green.

Becasses (Fr)


Becassines (Fr)



The Marquis de Bechamel, the rich linancicrc and great epicure, whose cream sauce for turbot and cod has been extolled with grandiloquence by a score historians of the table, including De la Reynirre and Ude. The Marquis was at one time maitre d'hotel to one of the French kings.

Bechamel Sauce

Cream sauce made with seasoned chicken broth reduced to the richness of jelly, with mushroom essence added, poured to the usual white roux of butter and flour stirred together over the fire, and an equal quantity cream added.

Fowls In

Bechamel, and all meat dishes a /a Bechamel are simply served with cream sauce.

Codfish And Tlkbot A La Bechamel

Are in flakes in sauce resembling our "picked-up fish in cream".

Becfigue (Fr.); Beccaficio (It)

Fig- picker; a little bird closely resembling the American rice bird, considered as great a luxury and is cooked in the same way.

Beefsteak Origination

Brother Johnathan and John Bull have to thank Lucius Plaucus, a Roman senator, who was commanded by the Emperor Trajan to act as one of the menial sacrificers to Jupiter. In the process of flesh-roasting one of the pieces fell off the altar, and in order to restore it Plaucus burnt his fingers, thrust them into his mouth, and whilst scorning the office he was set to perform, made up for his coersion by devouring every morsel; he thus deluded Trajan, defrauded Jupiter, and invented the beefsteak.