Devilled Eggs

Hard-boiled eggs cut in halves; the yolks pounded with potted (devilled) ham, pepper, mustard and oil, or butter, and lemon juice; put back in whiter; served with salad.


Sliced hard eggs on rounds of bread; a split sardine coiled on the egg; chopped egg in center of sardine; stoned olive on top.

Egg Soup

Yolks in a soup tureen; boiling clear soup beaten in; vermicelli, or rice, separately cooked, mixed in.

Oeufs A L'Aurore

Hard-boiled eggs chopped in cream sauce, to be thick enough to keep form on the dish; part of the yolks reserved and rubbed through seive to yellow over the surface; made hot to serve.

Orleans Club Eggs

"An established luncheon dish, young in fame, but firmly established and approved since the first trial, is a dish of plattered eggs whose golden yolks are set in a red-brown semi-fluid of tomato puree and shredded anchovies".

Egg Salad

Sliced eggs, chopped parsley, salt, pepper, vinegar, oil, or with salad dressing.

Oeufs A La Tripe

Sliced eggs in onion-cream sauce.

Oeufs Faros

Stuffed eggs. Hard-boiled, cut in halves, yolks mixed with grated ham and parsley; butter over in the oven; served on croutons.

Egg Sausages

Sausage skins are filled with the same mixture as for "omelet with fine herbs," in a raw state, filled with a funnel, divided into sausage lengths with twine, carefully poached without boiling; skin taken off when cold, warmed in butter, served ornamentally with a vegetable.

Oeufs A L'Arlequin

Many-colored. Poached eggs on toast, sprinkled with greeu parsley, red ham, black truffles, all chopped; brown sauce around in the dish.

Oeufs A La Duxelles

Poached eggs cut when cold like biscuits with a round cutter, coated with Duxelles sauce, breaded, egged, and breaded again, fried.

Eggs Stuffed With Nouilles And Ham

Hard-boiled split, yolks removed, whites filled with mixture of fine-cut nouilles mixed with minced ham; cooked yolks like vermicelli through a seive on top.

Egg Rolls

Minced eggs and smoked haddock or other fish, mixed with mayonnaise, placed inside some small hollowed baker's rolls or finger rolls; served with cheese after dinner and for lunch.

Spanish Eggs

Poached eggs on a dish of boiled rice plainly seasoned with salt and butter; stick cinnamon boiled in the rice.

Curried Eggs

Quartered eggs in curry sauce, made by slicing an apple and onion and frying them in butter, curry powder, flour and water added to make the sauce; hard eggs put in, and served with a border of rice when hot enough.

Oeufs Brouilles Aux Pointes D'Asperges

Scrambled eggs with asparagus tips.

Oeufs Brouilles Aux Truhfes

Scrambled eggs with truffles cut in dice, warmed in butter separately, then mixed in.

Oeufs Brouilles A L'Indienne

Scrambled eggs with butter, onion, salt, pepper,, cayenne, curry powder and lemon juice.