Bread Pie A La Normandy

A pie in a deep dish; made of cabbage, bread, sausage meat, an egrg, salt and pepper - amount of ingredients: the white part only of one or two heads cabbage boiled and minced, a large stale roll soaked and squeezed dry, 1/2 lb. sausage meat. Bottom and top crust to pie.

Bread Sauce

One pint of broth with an onion boiled in it strained hot over 12 oz. bread crumbs; boiled for 10 minutes; 3 tablespoons cream added; salt, pepper. Served with roast fowls and partridges.

Bread Sauce, Brown

The surplus stuffing of roast turkeys stirred up in the brown gravy, passed through a fine strainer; well skimmed.

Bread Stuffing

Is made of soaked bread squeezed dry, mixed with suet, lard, drippings, or sausage fat; flavored with either sage or sage and onions, or thyme and other sweet herbs; seasoned with salt and pepper, and, if wanted rich, has raw yolks added. Used for stuffing fowls, rolled mutton and veal, pork, ducks, rolled entrecotes, or steaks, tomatoes, egg plants, cucumbers, etc.

Rbo Bremen Cheese Cakes

Almond paste, 12 oz.; sugar, 4 oz.; yolks of eggs, 8; pounded together, filled in paste-lined patty pans, bit of butter on top of each, and baked.

Bretonne Sauce

Chopped onions fried in butter; flour added, and broth, salt and pepper; strained, and parsley added. A cold Bretonne sauce is made of horse-radish, mustard, sugar, salt and vinegar stirred together.

Brie Cheese

Frontage de brie. The richest of cheeses, flat and thin; each one is in a box by itself. It usually turns soft, and runs more or less with age, but is then esteemed the most. It is a cream cheese and like the cream cheeses made at some country dairies, but with better keeping qualities. It is about the same price as Camembert.


A fish of the other side the Atlantic; it is like a turbot, flat, and is cooked in the same ways.

Brill A La Parisienne

Specialty. Is split on the black side (back), drained and sponged dry. Laid in a baking pan with minced onions and mushrooms, salt and sufficiency of white wine, and baked. Complicated garnish of oysters, truffles, fish quenelles, tails of crawfish and mushrooms; cooked in wine, liquors; all mingled with fish gravy and thickened with egg yolks. Built up ornamentally for party.

Baked Brill (Or Other Fish)

Is soaked for 2 hours in olive oil, seasoned with lemon juice, bay leaf, salt, pepper, chives; breaded and baked; served with puree of tomatoes.


A yellow, rich, light kind of bread, very slightly sweetened; a sort of bun or rusk. Made by taking light dough and adding butter, eggs and little sugar and salt; letting rise again and making in shapes; letting rise again before baking. The bakers' shops of different cities show this in various shapes; one form is a ring or border of twist, glazed and sugared on top. To save eggs, the yellow color is given by colorings, and instances have occurred of poisoning by chrome yellow used in this way. An-nato and saffron are harmless colorings.