Poulet A La Boivin

Specialty of a French restaurant. Chicken cut up, browned in a pan with butter, button onions, potato balls (scooped out of raw potatoes); seasoned; finished by baking in the oven with blanched and quartered artichokes in sauce pan; gravy made in pan with meat glaze and tarragon; little heaps of the artichokes, potatoes, etc., around the chicken in dish, and sauce over.

Braised Fowls With Tomato Sauce

The breast bone removed without dividing the fowl, butter, salt, pepper and lemon juice put in place of it; slices of lemon on the breasts; bacon slices in the pan; braised, giazed; tomato sauce.

Cut Up Fowl

To avoid difficulty of carving, carved in kitchen, bound up again with narrow ribbon, easily severed by one who must carve at table.

Chicken Fritters

Pieces of cold roast chicken soaked in seasoned vinegar; dipped in batter; fried.

Indian Fried Chicken

Joints rubbed with curry powder, fried in oil; served on bed of fried onions.

Roast Fowl

With slices of lemon on breast; fowl wrapped up in thin slices of bacon and buttered sheet of paper; roasted an hour; giblet or tomato sauce.

Chicken Rolls

Long finger-rolls split half open, and inside hollowed out, filled with chicken forcemeat, closed; dipped in egg, fried light brown; parsley garnish.

Roast Pullet Au Jus

"At the Cafe Royal, Regent street, famed alike for its cuisine and its cellar, an enjoyable dish is a ' surrey chick,' otherwise a roast pullet or capon, served simply an jus, with watercress. This is the equivalent of the poulet de Par illy one may enjoy at Bignon's restaurant, so dear to Parisian epicures".

Chicken Fillets

Larded fillets, having 4 fine strips of pork for each, seasoned, breaded, fried; a spoonful of tartare sauce served on each one.

Poulet A La Viennoise

Halves of chickens steeped in oil, drained, breaded, broiled; served on toast with white sauce in which whipped raw cream is stirred at the last moment.

Cigarettes Of Chicken A La Reine

Fine-pounded chicken forcemeat, with chopped truffles, rolled to cigar-shapes; breaded and fried.

Poulet A La Albert Victor

Cigarettes of green herbs and hard-boiled yolksforcemeat rolled in shavings of tongue and ham; used to fill up a boned chicken; larded outside, breaded; white mushroom sauce.

Rissolettes De Volaille A La Pompadour

Fine-pounded chicken forcemeat (quenelle) used as a paste to inclose pieces of chicken-croquette preparation, like square sandwiches; dipped in batter and fried.

Chicken A La Sontag

Cut up, fried slightly in butter with onions and raw ham; broth added; thickened, strained; served with shredded leeks fried, and boiled rice mixed in the sauce.

Chicken In White Sauce

Whole, trussed, stewed in stock, with dash of vinegar to keep white; dished with white sauce, flavored with celery; boiled cauliflower garnish.