Coffee; also coffee house.

Cafe Au Lait

Boiled milk and coffee in equal parts, little cream.

Cafe Noir

Strongest black coffee, and sugar to taste.

Cafe Gloria

Good bright breakfast coffee and cognac, equal quantities, with sugar; this can be set on fire with brandy on top.

Cafe Granito

Frozen coffee well sweetened; no additions but sugar, served semi-fluid in small cups.

Liqueur De Cafe

Strong, clear coffee, strong sugar syrup, and spirit, equal parts.

Ratafia De Cafe

A pound of ground coffee steeped ten days in a quart of spirit, strained, added to a quart each of syrup and water, flavored with spices and almonds.

Cafe A La Creme Frappe

Cafe au lait set .in ice till half frozen; better when made with cream in the coffee, instead of milk.

Souffle Au Cafe

Frangi -pane with white of eggs, flavored with coffee, baked in souffle' cases.

Souffle Au Cafe Vierge

The same with green coffee flavor.

Creme De Cafe

Coffee Ice cream.