French Coffee

See cafe and drinks.

Turkish Coffee

"To make Turkish coffee you need a mill, which grinds the coffee to a very fine powder; when the water is boiling, add a sufficiency of lump sagar according to taste, and then, when the sugar is quite dissolved, the coffee, in the proportion of a large tablespoonful to each small cup. Stir round vigorously, and let the boiling water rise once. The coffee is then ready and should be served in a copper or brass pot. Special verseuses (out-pourers) for the purpose can be obtained and are very oanamental. Turkish coffee is, of course, for postprandial use".

Russian Coffee

" Russian coffee is still more easy to make. Fill your cup half full of coffee ground as above, and pour the boiling water on it, and sweeten to laste. When the coffee has been properly ground, the grounds, far from being unpleasant, form a delicious cream at the bottom of the cup, the dregs of which in this case are the best part of the draught.

Coffee Cream

Bavarian cream coffee-flavored, set with gelatine; made of 1 pint custard, 1 oz. gelatine, 1/2 cup strong clear coffee, 1 pint cream whipped; set in a mould on ice.

Coffee Custards

Yolks-of-egg custard flavored with clear coffee; in cups; steamed, meringued when cold.

Coffee Ice Cream

Best made with pure cream with sugar and strong clear coffee; custard can be used, or part cream.

Iced Coffee

A popular beverage consisting of coffee with cream and sugar the ordinary way, with shaved ice added; shaken up; imbibed through a straw.

Coffee Cakes

Meaning cakes to eat with coffee, are kinds of sweetened bread; some are flat-bread cakes with sugar and cinnamon on the surface; others are buns or rusks. (See Cafe).