Frozen sweets of all kinds, particularly water ices and cream ices, or sherbets and ice creams.

Sorbet A L'Imperiale

A new form of ice, to be served in ice-cups between the courses; flavored with pineapple or strawberry, rum being used with the former and champagne with the latter; but so deftly concocted, that the most suspicious teetotaler would partake of it in blissful ignorance.

Novel Forms

Ice-cream is now served in the form of a water melon; oysters on the shell at dinner parties come enveloped in shredded lettuce like sea-weed; sherbet is served in tiny pasteboard punch bowls, and cherries and plums filled with cordial are served with dessert.

Moulded Celebrities

"When In Munich, the daughters of Wag ner, the composer, ordered ices at a cafe, and these were placed before them made into the likeness of Wagner. Of course, they were surprised, and refused the ices, and explanations became necessary-'Oh, we cannot eat our father's head!'"

Marquises Jamaique

The MarquisesJamaique, which came as a very pleasant relief from the eternal punch Romaine, were ices flavored with Jamaica rujn, an excellent stimulus in mid-dinner.

Ice Cream As Waffles

"Turkey wings and mushrooms was a course at a club dinner party last week, and the ice-cream came on the table in the form of waffles".

Iced Rice Snowballs

"A new entre-met, deliciously cool and tempting at this time of year, is iced rice snowballs. Freeze in the shape of balls, rice well boiled in water, and flavored with lemon or orange, and serve in a green glass dish, covering each balls separately with whipped cream.

Parfait Leger Aux Cerises

A new and delicious iced sweet, invented by the chef iot the occasion of a dinner to the Prince and Princess of Wales: Cherry juice, to which a slight soupcon of Kirsch-wasser is added, is frozen lightly and mixed with sweetened whipped cream, the color being heightened by a little cochineal. The mixture is placed in suitable moulds and lightly frozen. A sauce, com posed of cherry juice and unfrozen whipped cream, is served with the above in a sauce-boat.

A Rose Of Ice

One new idea is a large rose of ice, with bud and leaf of the real flower inserted. Sometimes the ices take the form of a lighted candle, the socket being made of brown ice, the candle of pistachio, and the flame of cinramon.

Mousses Glaces, Or Iced Froths

Whipped cream sweetened and variously flavored piled in glasses and frozen in the same glasses in which they are served.

Chestnut Mousse

Puree of chestnuts mixed with whipped cream, sugar and vanilla, frozen in a mould.

Iced Quails, Or Cilles A La, Lesseps

The little birds boned, stuffed, and masked with rich brown gravy, resting against a block of ice, and all surrounded with transparent aspic. A fruit salad, in cups of solid ice, served as a fitting introduction to this dish.