That which is named in the bills of fare as puree de marrons, and is often m:>de of sweet potatoes. If made genuine, it is pounded chestnuts, butter, bread crumbs, grated ham, onion, lemon rind, egg yolks, salt and pepper. Used to stuff chickens or any fowl, or sucking pig.

Puree Of Chestnuts

Like mashed potatoes, strained through a seive; served with turkey wings and various entrees.

Chestnut Soup

A cream soup thickened with puree of chestnuts.

Compote Of Chestnuts

Boiled and peeled, simmered in syrup, flavored with lemon or orange; served hot or cold, with pastry.

Chestnuts As A Vegetable

Boiled, peeled, fried a little to remove the husk; stewed and served in various ways as other vegetables.

Chestnut Pudding

Puree of chestnuts and butter, corn starch, eggs, almond paste, sugar, milk, lemon; baked or steamed.

Souffle Of Chestnuts

Puree of chestnuts with sugar, vanilla and white of an egg; made into very small balls; dipped into white of egg and sugar twice; dry-baked in a slow oven.

Chestnut Flour

"One may often wonder, in reading some of Ouida's novels, at tjnc number of times she mentions chestnuts as a food of the Italians, particularly those of Tuscany. The Greeks and Romans used this kind of food, and at one time the Arcadians subsisted almost wholly on this farinaceous nut. In many parts of Italy its flour is used in preference to that of wheat or corn. The nuts are ground into flour in the same manner as wheat and corn, and from this flour various dishes are made, as well as cakes, fritters, and even bread, and it is sweet, agreeable to the taste, and healthy".

Pouding Aux Marrons

A mould of chestnut flour, butter, milk, eggs, sugar, vanilla;, it is served with apricot syrup.

Chataignes Croquantes

Same as souffle above.

Gateau De Marrons

Same mixture steamed as a pudding.

Marrons A La Ckimi

Minced chestnuts covered with whipped cream.

Marrons Glaces

Candied chestnuts.

Devilled Chestnuts

Same way as salted almonds; peeled, thrown into hot clarified butter, salt and cayenne; fried yellow or light brown.