Green salad; endive; curled endive; succory. There are two or three varieties, not more different than varieties of lettuces.

Chicory With Gravy

Chicory cooked like spinach or greens.

Chicory Root

The great coffee-adulterant. Those who do not care for the loss of the stimulating qualities of coffee learn to like the taste of the chicory mixture. An act was once passed to prohibit the adulteration with chicory, but the consumption of coffee afterwards decreased; it was found that people wanted chicory in their coffee, and the act was rescinded. The mixture is about one-fourth chicor to three-fourths coffee. Chicory is cultivated as a field crop; the roots arc dried, roasted, ground; can be bought in packages separately and mixed to suit. It is about one-third the price of coffee. The mixture cannot easily be detected when there is milk in the coffee; but those who drink coffee without milk or cream become aware of the presence of chicory at once. "Anent chicory in coffee I have an anecdote to tell. President Gr£vy loves his Mocha better than most men, and as a consequence hates the name of chicory as much as we may suppose him to hate the name of Prince Bismarck Accordingly, when he ever goes into a country inn or hotel, he asks the waiter if there is any chicory in the house.

The waiter brings him some. 'More, more!' cries the President; 'I want lots of chicory - lots.' This he repeats, until the waiter answers in despair that there is not another grain of chicory left in the house. 'Well, then,' says the President, 'you may make me a cup of coffee now.' " Chicory is not in general use in the United States; most people are in the habit of buying their coffee in the berry, and either grinding it or having it ground by the grocer. Chicory in separate form, when wanted, can be bought ready, put up in convenient packages, at all the large grocery stores.