In the United States chicken is the name commonly applied to fowls of any age, the word fowl being but seldom used; and this practice has been so extended that it takes in "prairie chickens" and "guinea chickens".

Smothered Chicken

Home fashion of braising; halves of chicken cooked in a covered pot with live coals on the lid; fat and seasonings cooked with the chickens, and gravy made of the remaining liquor. Imitated by baking with sauce in the pan in the oven; the chickens floured on top.

Fried Chicken

Joints rolled in flour and cooked in a kettle of hot lard.

Chicken A La Marengo

Cut up in joints, rolled in flour, fried in oil, sauce made in the pan, the oil remaining in it; dished in pyramid form, and sauce poured over. "On the evening of the battle of Marengo, the First Consul was very hungry after the agitation of the day, and a fowl was ordered with all expedition. The fowl was procured, but there was no butter at hand, and none could be found in the neighborhood. There was oil in abundance, however; and the cook, having poured a certain quantity into his skillet, put in the fowl, a clove of garlic and other seasoning, with a little white wine, the best the country afforded; he then garnished it with mushrooms, and served it up hot. This dish proved the second conquest of the day, as the First Consul found it most agreeable to his palate, and expressed his satisfaction. Ever since, a fowl a la Marengo is a favorite dish with all lovers of good cheer".

Filets De Volaille A La Dimas

Breast of chicken, each one cut in two raw, spread with a pure"e of cucumbers in white sauce, breaded and fried; served on a puree of cucumbers. Filets.

De Volaille Aux Concombres

Breast of chicken breaded, arranged on the dish with stewed cucumbers, and puree of cucumbers for sauce.

Filets De Volaille A La Nesselrode

Breasts of chickens served cold, masked with a white chaudfroid sauce; alternately with glazed slices of tongue and chopped eggs, a mayonnaise salad in center.

Filets De Volaille Aux Pointes D'Asferges

Hot dish; breasts of fowl coated with white supreme sauce ranged around a pile of asparagus-points in center of dish; alternating with slices of tongue.

Supreme De Volaille Aux Truefes

Breast of chicken coated with white supreme sauce ranged around a pile of truffles cooked in wine.

Supreme De Volaille A La Royale

Breasts of chickens coated with white supreme sauce, a slice of black truffle on each, ranged upon an ornamental border of vegetables heaped in the center.

Chaudfroid De Filets De Volaille Au Supreme

Cold dish; breasts of chickens coated with white supreme sauce, decorated with truffles, ranged around a center of truffles in chaudfroid sauce.

Saute De Filets De Volaille A La Cardinal

Hot dish; breast of chickens fried in butter, slices of truffle stewed in wine alternating in the dish; cardinal sauce in the center.