Sauce A La Russe

A white sauce with horseradish, vinegar, yolks and cream.

Russian Sauce

Hot; shallots, lean ham, herbs, stewed in butter; horseradish, sugar, vinegar, wine, white sauce and yolks to thicken.


Cold; horseradish, mustard, sugar, vinegar, salt.


Sweet; this also has half a dozen names; it is the same as Carfime's pudding sauce above, with cream added and whipped with it.

Sage Sauce

For roast goose or pork; brown gravy in roast-pan with chopped sage.

Sainte Menehould

Cream sauce with chopped parsley and mushrooms.


The bones and trimmings of birds stewed with wine, espagnole, aromatics, and sauce strained off. (See Essence of Game, Fumet).


Fish; butter sauce made of the fish broth, (see Roux), shallot, mustard, white wine, shredded lemon.

Scallop Sauce

Boiled scallops and their liquor added to butter sauce with lemon juice.


Lightbrown; for ducks, pig, game; gravy from baking-pan with chopped shallots stewed in wine and butter added.

Shallot Sauce, Mild

Boiled shallots minced and put in butter sauce.

Sharp Sauce

For cutlets; shallots simmered in butter and vinegar, flour, broth, gherkins, parsley, pepper, salt.

Shrimp Sauce

(1) Cream sauce with cut shrimps. (2) Butter sauce with anchovy essence and lemon juice and shrimps mixed in.

Shrimp And Asparagus Sauce

Butter sauce with shrimp butter, shrimps and asparagus points.


Fried onions in rings in espagnole and marsala wine.

Sorrel Sauce

Stewed sorrel like spinach mixed with either white sauce for boiled meats or brown sance for roast.


Puree of onions, white, with butter and milk, salt, pepper, nutmeg, pinch of sugar.


An East Indian bottled sauce; it is made of purple wrinkled morels, galangal root and spices.


A bottled sauce.


For game; sultana raisins in game gravy with port wine.


Cream sauce made of chicken broth, butter, flour, essence of mushrooms and boiled cream.


Mayonnaise with mustard, minced gherkins, capers, chervil and parsley.


Same as Creole courtbouillon.


Tomatoes passed through a strainer, stewed down thick, variously seasoned and compounded.

Truffle Sauce

Sliced truffles fried in butter, espagnole, wine, lemon juice. (See Perigeux).


(1) Turtle sauce for calf's head; brown; espagnole with tomato sauce, aromatics, and sherry. (2) Veal brown -gravy with shallots, basil, thyme, sherry, lemon juice and rind and cayenne.


Sweet; yolk-of-egg custard flavored with vanilla.


The sauce which is termed "w/iite sauce," yet is not cream sauce. It is the stock white sauce of which other sauces are made; it is seasoned broth thickened with white roux, is fuller flavored with the vegetables, etc., in the broth than butter sauce which is made with water, yet has not so much butter. When veloute is further enriched with butter and glaze, and has egg yolks to make it creamy, it becomes Allemande, which is finished with a little lemon juice.