The root of a coarse-looking large-leaved plant which once rooted in a garden corner grows and spreads year after year without much attention. The plentiful time for it'is in spring, when the roots are taken up and divided for replanting; the great surplus of roots can then be grated and bottled in vinegar for use during several succeeding months.

Grated Horseradish

There are small machines, being revolving graters, for reducing the roots to the desired fineness. Of all the sauces which can be made none are in so much demand and so generally acceptable as plain grated horseradish in vinegar, which should be set upon the table in ornamental jars or other proper receptacle.


Much of the grated horseradish purchased in bottles is weakened in strength by mixture with grated turnips, cabbage stalks, kohl-rabi, etc., and enterprising and unscrupulous gardeners make immense profits during short seasons by putting up these fair-looking but too mild flavored imitations. Pure horseradish is too strong to be eaten extravagantly, while the adulterated article is but a mild and palatable relish and becomes too costly for use at horseradish prices on account of the large quantity which will \x consumed. It is wise, therefore, to buy the root and have it grated on the premises.

Horseradish Sauce

Grated horsen. dish boiled in broth, one or two yolks beaten up with come tarragon vinegar stirred into the horseradish to thicken, but not allowed to boil; pepper and nutmeg added.

German Horseradish Sauce

Grated horseradish boiled in gravy or plain water; yolks beaten up with cream and vinegar stirred in to thicken; not allowed to boil. "This sauce is invariably served in Germany with all forms of beef, either broiled, roasted, or boiled".

Napolitaine Sauce

Horseradish in brown sauce with port wine, ham, Worcestershire and currant jelly.

Raifort Sauce

Horseradish sauce; made of 2 to3 oz. grated horseradish in 1/2 pt. cream sauce and a wine-glass of white-wine vinegar.

Horseradish Mustard

Horseradish boiled in water, strained out, and the water used to mix mustard; good condiment for beef.

Horseradish Butter

Grated horseradish, butter and lemon juice kneaded together; the butter then rubbed through a seive; served with beefsteaks.