Buyers and consumers of honey will do well to note that the suspiciously light and bright product, variously labelled " Californian Honey Dew," "Swiss Table Honey," etc., etc., is frequently a sophisticated article made up of glucose and such-like substances brightened by mineral acid. Furthermore, darkness is no indication of inferior quality, as some suppose. The color of honey depends upon the sources from which it is collected by the bees, and much of that which is of a dark color is quite equal (and in some cases superior) to that which is light in color; honey collected by the bees from white clover, limes, fruit blossoms, sainfoin, hawthorn, turnip, bean, heather, etc., being of different hues.

Honey In The Comb

Is offered for sale almost everywhere in the season, and is the best to serve in place of fruit for supper and of syrup for breakfast.

Honey Mead

A kind of wine. (See MeaJ).

Honey Cake

Made of 1 qt. strained honey, I lb. sugar, 1/2 lb. warm butter, a tablespoon soda, 2 tablespoons caraway seeds, flour enough to make into dough. Made up and baked like sheet gingerbread.