Grape sugar or the kind of sugar that will not granulate. The recent discoveries of methods of making it abundantly have had B great effect upon the confectionery trade, glucose being but about half the price of sugar, and consequently a cheapener of candies, syrups, jellies, and numerous other compounds. One, perhaps the principal method of producing glucose is by treating corn meal with sulphuric acid, which changes the corn to a sweet gum. In the great corn-producing regions there are immense buildings erected especially, one in Chicago being nine stories in height, an entire block of brick. Glucose is as wholesome as any other syrup. In appearance it is like the white syrup known as silver drips, but is too thick to run; can be taken up on a pallet knife like the thickest molasses in cold weather; is as clear as glass. It comes in another form, however, in barrels, when it is lumpy like gum and syrup mixed, when it is at the nearest approach to being sugar. It costs about an average of four cents a pound.

Glucose In Ice Cream

One good use of it is to sweeten ice cream, the effect when the cream is well worked is to make it very smooth and soft to the palate.

In Candies

It is used with about twice its weight of sugar in making gum-drops and all that class of goods, and in imitation fruit-jellies, maple syrups and cheapening devices of many descriptions.

Glucose In Bread

"The bakers are endeavoring to make first-quality bread out of low-grade flour. A successful attempt in this line is reported as having been made by a Swiss baker, who mixes glucose, or starch-sugar, with low-grade flour, and is thereby enabled to turn out a loaf which closely resembles the product of high-grade flours, at a lessened cost".

Glucose In Sugar Boiling

It has the same effect to prevent sugar going to grains again as acids have.

Glucose In Cream Crackers

Is said to have a very decided effect in improving the"quality of sweet crackers, especially iu giving a smooth appearance and fine color.

Glucose In Soda Syrups

This is one of the principal uses of it; the syrups are foamy, smooth and delicious when made with glucose.

Glucose In Tobacco

It is added to chewing tobacco instead of molasses, and in larger proportion, as it increases the weight of the tobacco to an extent very profitable to the makers.