Uses Of: Dried Blackberries

One bushel of fruit makes 10 pounds dried.

Blackberry Pies

Great favorite in the season. (1)-Madc by heaping the berries raw in a pie crust sugaring, and covering same as apple pics. (2)-Berries and thin-sliced apples mixed together, sugared, covered and baked slowly. (3)-Blackberries stewed, or taken from cans, and little sugar added; baked with top crust, or in open pies, with strips over. (4)-Pies, English style, in deep earthenware dishes, a tea cup inverted in the dish; all around filled with berries and sugar, short crust; the cup draws in the juice and is found to be full when lifted, and besides it holds up the center of the crust.

Blackberry Roly Poly

Short paste or biscuit dough rolled thin, covered with berries or with blackberry jam, rolled up in a cloth (like a huge bologna), ends and middle secured, boiled an hour or more; may be baked as well; served with butter and sugar.

Blackberry Shortcake

Same as strawberry, raspberry, etc.

Blackberry Meringue

Ripe berries with sugar spread upon a thin sheet of cake, meringue or frosting, same as for lemon pies, spread upon the berries; baked a little; cut out in squares.

Blackberry Cobbler

Same as cherry, peach, etc.

Blackberry Dumplings

Half a cup of berries inclosed in paste, like apple dumplings.

Blackberry Pudding

Berries mixed in bread puddings, boiled or baked same as raisins are used.

Blackberry Batter Puddings

Batter thin in a baking pan, like Yorkshire pudding; berries strewed over the surface; baked.

Blackberry Syrup And Cordial

(See drinks).

Blackberry Wine

(See wines).

Blackberries As Table Fruit

Washed and drained, served in fruit saucers or glass dishes with broken ice scattered over the top, ice only placed at the time of serving. Powdered sugar served separate.