A paste or puree. Potage Bisque au Riz is fish soup with crayfish tails and rice.

Bisque Of Crayfish

Soup of rice and crayfish, in veal broth; the crayfish partly fried with butter, onion, carrots, salt pork; broth added, boiled an hour; tails of crayfish saved, boiied rice and crayfish hulls pounded through a strainer and added to the soup with crayfish tails and parsley. This is the soup which some humanitarians of northern France moved against because the crayfish are thrown into the hot fry alive.

Bisque Of Lobster

Soup of lobster and rice; first fried, then boiled and pounded lobster meat and shell, with rice, passed through seive, and soup thickened with it; finished with butter, sherry and squares of fried bread.

Bisque Of Crabs

Made same as bisque of lobster; crabs boiled first, cut up, fried with onions, celery, salt pork, stock added; boiled an hour; rice boiled, and puree of rice and crabs thickens soup; sherry, etc., to finish.

Bisque Of Oysters

A white soup like cream sauce, the oysters after boiling rubbed through a seive, milk and cream with the broth and oyster liquor, and butter roux to thicken; slight flavoring of bay leaf and mace.

Bisque Of Plover A La Rossini

Plovers braised in port wine stock an hour, the meat then pounded fine and passed through seive. Semolina boiled in broth, also passed through seive, and plover stock thickened with them. Served with grisini bread. (Seegrisini).

Bisque Of Partridge A La Daupiiine

The meat of roast partridges, chestnuts and white bread made into a puree with broth and port wine.