Mutton kidneys are a great breakfast specialty-in England; grilled kidneys are only prevented from being as universally served as the national eggs and bacon by their dearness;the demand is always greater than the supply, and the price is high, accordingly. Australia, which exports so much mutton, now sends to England sheep-kidneys in a frozen state, and the coveted delicacy may soon be obtainable by people of moderate means inconsequence.

Broiled Kidneys

The kidneys skinned are cut open without quite severing the two halves, and a thin skewer run through them edgewise to keep them in flat shape for broiling; dipped in butter, laid on gridiron cut-side down; broiled 3 minutes; turned, and broiled 3 minutes more; served with maitre d'hotel butter.

How To Eat Kidneys

"Kidneys should be eaten directly they are dressed, else they will lose their goodness. They are also uneatable if too much done, and a man that cannot eat meat underdone should not have them at his table. In France they are saute with champagne or chab-lis".

Mutton Kidneys With Mushrooms

Sliced kidneys fried in a pan with butter till slightly brown; sliced mushrooms added, and brown sauce, lemon juice, butter, salt, pepper, parsley.

Stewed Kidneys

Any kind; same as the preceding without brown sauce ready; but flour stirred in, and water added; simmered to thicken.

Kidneys In Cream

Beef, veal or mutton kidneys parboiled in two or three waters to get rid of the brown gravy that comes from and curdles on them; chopped fine, put into cream sauce with parsley.

Brochettes Of Kidneys

Slices strung on a skewer, saute in a pan with butter, or in the oven, and finished on the gridiron; served on the skewer if it is silver, or slipped off the skewer on to toast, and sauce poured over.

Savory Butter For Kidneys

One pound butter, 6 oz. finely chopped shallots, 4 oz. chopped parslev, pepper, salt, lemon juice; worked together.

Fried Kidneys And Salt Pork

Equal number of slices of each; fried together, and gravy made in the pan.

Curried Kidneys

Onion and sour apple chopped and fried; curry powder added, and broth or water; split kidneys put in; simmered, thickened; served with rice.

Kidney Patties

Patty cases filled with the kidneys in cream, above; (2) kidneys, ham and mushrooms cut in dice, fried together; thick sauce added.

Rognons Db Mouton A L'Epicuriennk

Mutton kidneys cut open, bread crumbed and broiled; the hollows filled with tartar sauce, and devil sauce around.

Rognons De Mouton A La Venirienne

Kidneys in halves fried in butter with shallots; dressed on a border; brown sauce with anchovy butter.

Rognons De Mouton Au Vin De Champagne

Thin slices of kidneys parboiled, simmered in butter; served in white sauce with champagne and mushrooms.

Petits Pates Aux Bognons

Kidney patties, as above previously described.

Rognon De Veau Saute

Calf's kidney minced, stirred up in a pan With butter; brown sauce and wine added.

Rognon De Veau En Caisse

Small round slices of veal kidney in brown sauce with shallots and mushrooms; baked in small paper cases, the tops sprinkled with bread-crumbs.

Rognon De Veau A La Jardiniere

Specialty of Paris restaurant. Kidneys in slices skewered edgewise, cooked in kidney fat with vegetables, covered with buttered paper; drained, taken off skewers, glazed, placed in dish; peas on one side, green beans on other, glazed spring carrots at one end, duchesse potatoes to finish. Tomato sauce separate.