Beer Soup; Bier Suppe (Ger)

(1)-A traveler, who says he has often partaken of it in country houses' and at the beer houses in the cities, and that it is eaten cold, at least in summer, describes it as half beer, half water, with bread crumbs, currants and lemon peel stirred up in it. (2)-A hot beer soup, called German, is the same as English ale posset, being 2 qts. mild beer simmered with sugar snd spices and poured upon 6 beaten eggs and 1/2 pint cream; all whisked till frothy and poured upon a slice of toast in a bowl. (3)-Bread and caraway seeds boiled in mild beer and poured upon beaten eggs; hot enough to thicken, but not to curdle them.

Bengal Chutney

A sour-sweet-savory jam, used as a relish with meat, game, etc.; made of 1 lb. each tamarinds, sultana raisins, tomatoes, apples, ginger, moist sugar; 1/2 lb. red chillies; 1/2 lb. each garlic and onions; 4 qts. strong vinegar; rind and juice 8 lemons; ingredients pulped or minced. Kept a month in warm place to ferment; tied down in small jars; served sometimes with curried fish. (See Indian chutney).

Berkeley Pudding (Fr. Eng. Specialty)

A bread-suet pudding boiled in a mould; made of 1 lb. bread crumbs, 1 lb. suet, 1 lb. moist sugar, 4 eggs, 1 glass ale, juice 2 lemons. Boiled 2 hours; served with a sabayon sauce.

Berlingots De Rouen (Fr.); Berlin-Gozzi (It)

Stick candy.

Berlin Pancakes (Ger.: Berlinen Pfann-Kucheri)

Are known in this country as Bismarks; in France as Beignets a l'Allemande. They are rich yeast-raised doughnuts, having a spoonful of preserve inside; are nearly round. Like all doughnuts they are fried in lard and rolled in sugar when done. In Poland they have the same by the name of Ponskis.

Betterave (Fr)

Beetroot; beets.

Beurre (Fr)


Beurre D'Anchois

Anchovy butter.

Beurre De Homard

Lobster butter.

Bibinca Dosee

This is the name of a famous Portuguese pudding, well worthy of a trial by way of variety. Scrape two cocoanuts finely; pour boiling water thereon, sufficient to yield a breakfast -cupful of strong infusion, after soaking for a quarter of an hour, and set it aside. Prepare a syrup from three-quarters of a pound of sugar; mix into this half a pound of rice flour or rizine, finely sifted, and the cocoanut infusion. Boil over a brisk fire with constant stirring, until it thickens. Pour into a buttered dish, and bake to a light-brown color. - Note - There must be 3 pints of liquid to that amount of rice flour.


Name of an orange. Orange sauce for ducks, etc., made by cutting the rind of sour oranges in fine shreds, parboiling, adding them and the juice to brown sauce or gravy.

Bijoutier (Fr)

Name facetiously applied to dealers who gather up cooked food from the clubs and private houses for re-sale. The word legitimately means jeweler. The bijoutier pays so much a month to the chefs, basing his calculations after a week's trial, and sells the broken victuals in assorted platefuls in the public market.

Bird Pepper

The small chilies or capsicums of which ground cayenne is made.

Birds' Nest Soup

The birds' nests from which the far-famed soup is made are built by a species of swallow which abound on the coast of Java, Ceylon and Borneo, and practically consists of a gelatinous substance obtained from marine plants. The nests are boiled either in chicken broth or in milk, with almonds. The result very much resembles vermicelli soup, but is more costly.