Beignets Souffles

FFritters which puff up hollow; also called aigrettes; they are a la vanille when flavored.

Beignets A La Dominique

Savory, made of a delicate salpicon or mince of chicken, with aromatic seasoning in flattened balls, dipped in oil-and-wine fritter batter and fried; served with chopped truffle and tongue in glaze.

Beignets D'Abricots A La Chartres

Apricot fritters.

Beignets Aux Fleurs D'Orange

Flavored with orange flower water.

Beignets En Surprise

Apples partly hollowed, the stalks left on, soaked in brandy, filled with apricot jam, dipped in batter and fried.

Beignets Au Maizena

Cus-tard or cream fritters made with corn starch.

Beignets A La Portugaise

Rice croquettes with marmalade in the center.

Beignets Aux Confitures

Fritters served with preserve.

Beignets A L'Allemantje

Also called Bismarck's; a spoonful of jam between two thin flats of light dough; allowed to rise, then fried.

Beignets A La Prussienne

Apple turnovers (which see) fried instead of baked.

Beignets De Fleurs De Sureau

Fritters of sprigs of elder flowers.

Beignets D'Oranges

Orange fritters.

Beignets De Cintra

Thin round slices of cake soaked in cream, flavored with brandy, floured and fried.

Beignets A La Creme

Custard fritters; pieces of custard made with flour or starch firm enough to cut when cold, dippsd in batter and fried.

Beignets Aux Confitures

Marmalade fritters; thin sandwiches of cake and jam dipped in batter and fried.

Beignets A La Chantilly

Cream cheese fritters, made of sweet cream curd, flour, eggs, sugar and wine, dropped by small spoonfuls in hot lard and fried.

Beignets D'Abricots A L'Eau De Vie

Apricots and brandied bread in batter.

Beignets De Peches A La Royal

Peach fritters'.

Beignets De Fraises A La Dauphine

Strawberry fritters.