Best for table are the blood beets; sugar beets, nearly white inside, are as good for serving in sauce hot, not so good for ornamental purposes.

Favorite Ways Of Using Them: Beets In Butter

Young garden beets boiled quite tender in their skins, peeled, sliced; salt and plain butter.

Beets In Sauce

Butter sauce with vinegar in it; little sugar and salt.

Beets In Vinegar

Cold blood-beets sliced and covered with vinegar; called also pickled beets. Will keep a week if cool.

Betteraves A La Creme

Cut up in dice in a white sauce.

Betteraves A La Poitevine

Cut in slices like sections of an orange; after boiling, served in brown sauce with onions and spices.

Betteraves A La Chartreuse

Yellow beets sliced after boiling, a slice of onion between two slices of beets; dipped-in batter and fried. Beet Soup (Seeiarszez.) Beets in Salads (See salads.) Beets are largely used for decorating dishes.