Anchovy Salad

"At Kettner's famous restaurant in Soho they sometimes serve among the hors d'ceuvres anchovy-salad garnished with diminutive pickled onions".

Salade D'Anchois

"Kettner, or rather his successor, Sangiorgi, gives the following recipe: Wash in cold water some salted anchovies, steep them in vinegar, drain them on a cloth, and take out their fillets, which shred likewise; place them symmetrically on a small plate or a hors d'ocuvre dish, garnished with groups of hard-boiled eggs, chopped parsley and onion separately also, with whole small capers. Pour a little oil over the whole, and serve".

The Garlic Flavor

A slight rubbing of the salad bowl with a clove of garlic will impart sufficient flavor for a moderately sized salad, or a piece of bread crust may be slightly rubbed with garlic and put into the salad bowl while the salad is being mixed, and then removed.

A Salad Of Boiled Onions

Is quite a delicacy. The unpleasant essence of the onion disappears in boiling, and only its sugar and other innocent and savory qualities remain. This may be recommended for a change. The onions are not to be cooked soft, but sliced and parboiled.

The Onion Flavor

A new idea for salads is to add the expressed juice of an onion. The effect is said to be excellent and something analogous to the practice of the French cooks, who wipe a frying-pan with a piece of garlic before they make a savory omelette.

Salade A La Mulgrave

Although very simple in composition this is a recherche salad. For 20 persons, say, take 6 cabbage lettuces, clean and mix them with a kind of remoulade containing capers. Put this mixture in the salad bowl; then get ready some sliced tomatoes seasoned with oil, vinegar, pepper and salt, and put them round the bowl. Well dished up, this salad is very pleasing to the eye as well as to the palate.

Beet And Potato Salad

Cooked beets cut in lozenge shapes, and potatoes likewise; kept separate, but seasoned alike with oil, vinegar, pepper, salt and minced onion; mixed together and garnished with parsley or celery at time of serving. One of the prettiest ways in which to garnish winter salads is to fringe short stalks of celery and put around the edge of the salad bowl. Fringe by means of coarse needles.

Bloater Salad

Broil 2 herrings, remove skin and bone and cut the fish into shreds; put into a salad bowl a head of bleached endive; add the fish and 2 anchovies cut up, 1 dozen minced capers and 2 boiled and sliced potatoes; over all strew a few minced herbs, add a plain salad dressing, toss lightly and serve.

Cazanova Salad

Shred the white stalks of 2 heads of celery in inch lengths and put them in a salad bowl with the whites of 3 hard-boiled eggs also shredded, season with mayonnaise sauce and chopped eschalots, and strew over the surface the yolks of the 3 eggs finely chopped.